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Post-Covid Parosmia/Nausea

I hope someone can relate! But then again- it’s awful so I don’t wish this on anyone!
Tomorrow will be 7 weeks for me and about a few days ago morning sickness kicked in, but all day sickness. So many things smell/taste like a yeast smell (e.g. bread, chips, crackers, mac n cheese). Even my golden retriever smells like it! 😅😩 Poor thing! Then fruit, fruit juices, sprite, ginger ale, etc all has this rotten fruit smell and the taste is not good. 😣
I swear having parosmia for months now, after having covid almost a year ago, (which has been tolerable) has worsened in the last couple of days when morning sickness has kicked in. It has literally distorted my taste and smell immensely and I need to know if this is normal?! Maybe it’s a sinus infection? I have been stuffy so my husband bought me saline spray this morning with calming eucalyptus in it. Seems to help a little. But I still smell that bad yeast smell and old fruit smell.

Thank you!
And congrats to you June-to-be mommas!

Re: Post-Covid Parosmia/Nausea

  • Hey this would be a really great topic for symptoms or the great big question thread. We typically discourage one off posts like these on the bump as it clutters up our board. Have a look at our organization thread if you're wondering where topics belong. 
  • This seems really specific and I would ask my doctor or midwife about it. Sorry you’re dealing with it, it sounds really miserable!
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