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I would love to connect with any other moms who got pregnant through IVF?

I am 7-weeks +5 pregnant. My second FET stuck! On top of all the normal symptoms I am SO OVER the PIO shots!!! But there is also a part of me that is terrified to stop them! I don’t know many other people that have gone through IVF, but I would love to hear your experiences!

Re: IVF mommas

  • Hi! Congratulations!!  I am currently pregnant after my first FET. I thought this would be the fun part that I have been waiting so long for but I am a nervous wreck ! My situation has been a bit of a rollercoaster though, Ended up having a hematoma and two yolk sacs (1 has since stopped developing). My first scan I went in and was supposed to be 6w 3d but was measuring 5w 6d. But there was a fetal pole and flickering heart beat. Went in again 10 days later (supposed to be 7w 6d) and baby was still measuring 4 days behind at 7w 4d. Doctor is basically stumped bc she thinks measuring behind with FET indicates a loss, but the baby is progressing perfectly at the rate it should and has a strong heart beat. Since then had a couple more ultrasounds and everything is still looking great. Im now 8 w 2d. Trying so hard to stay hopeful !! How are you doing ?
  • I’m 6+5 days so right behind you! I’m taking four suppositories on top of PIO every day! My ass is killing me but I keep reminding myself that a pain in the ass for the next 18 years is exactly what I signed up for!!
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  • I just entered week 7 from my first FET. I'm very anxious for my first ultrasound next Friday. I don't have many symptoms, just fatigue and occasional heartburn. 

    I do the pio shot every three days so I guess I lucked out on that, but I take 2 suppositories twice a day and I'm looking forward to stopping those!
  • The stress is SO real! Each ultrasound im terrified of a change or issue, I have my last appointment with my clinic next week, then I graduate to my OB. I’m currently fighting to make sure all my records get sent to the right place in time for that appointment.

    I did have some bleeding around 6 weeks that scared me enough to to go the emergency department, but I’m super thankful that everything looked good. Though no one was able to tell me why I was bleeding?
  • :# the suppositories… are a lot to deal with! Hope you’re doing okay with that frequency!
  • That's so awesome your so close to graduating!!
  • Hi! I’m 8w + 5d and after 4 years of treatments our first ever FET stuck around. I have days when I feel beyond anxious and days when I’m calm and believe this is finally happening! We “graduated” from our fertility clinic this week to an obgyn and now wait for 3.5 weeks for our next ultrasound. I have a feeling that will feel like a forever wait!
  • I’m so nervous to graduate from my clinic. I am trying to be deemed high risk so I can have an MFM because of my age, PCOS, and history of MMC. It’s hard for me to sleep because I’m so anxious about having another MMC and not knowing about it for weeks between ultrasounds. I wish I could stay at the clinic until I wean off progesterone. I would feel so much better if I knew I’d have weekly ultrasounds until 10 weeks. At 6+6 it just feels so precariously early to be on my own!
  • Agreed! It’s so hard to not go in every week or multiple times a week after getting used to that timing during fertility treatments.
  • @norladore thank you! It’s exciting and scary! Just like everything else! Haha
  • @mrshfoster i was under the impression that most IVF pregnancies are considered high risk? And I also have seen quite a few people say that doctors like to induce between 38/39 weeks? I hope you get the monitoring that makes you feel the most at peace!!
  • I thought pregnancies over 40 were always high risk too but apparently the MFM chief makes that decision at Northwestern Memorial/Prentice here in Chicago.
  • This might be too much venting, but I don’t know anyone else who might understand what I’m feeling. 

    I feel like I’m waiting for the second shoe to drop. I’ve had so many bad results, negative tests, and a seemingly endless list of things that went wrong, before they went right. 

    Now that I am actually pregnant, and even though everything is actually going really well, I’m having a hard time accepting that it’s real. For example, I was trying to make plans for the summer, and I caught myself saying, IF I have my baby, then…. Like I am assuming the worst, before it has happened. 

    Any ideas on how to make it all feel more real? When do you stop assuming this beautiful thing won’t last? I want this baby more than words can express, and I’ve put my body and my mental health to the test to get here, I just want to find comfort in my pregnancy. Rather than fear and anxiety. 

    I know there probably isn’t much to say to this rambling post, but if you read the whole thing, I appreciate you taking the time to listen. 
  • I get this completely, unfortunately. I am hopeful that once we make it to our 12 week visit it will start to feel more real. Currently 10 weeks & I try to take comfort in the symptoms (random headaches, heartburn and complete exhaustion) that my body is still pregnant and baby is growing. I wish I had advice but know you are not alone - infertility takes it toll on mental health for sure. 
  • @c03c03 I haven't ever been through fertility treatments, but this is my 8th pregnancy after 5 miscarriages. I empathize completely, I think my brain is just hardwired to assume my baby won't ever come at this point. I have had the same thoughts of "well, if we have the baby next year..." and it sucks. The negative thoughts are really hard to wrestle with, and they can make you feel ungrateful and like you're just asking for something bad to happen. I'm not sure if you've tried this, but I know lots of people find mantras to be helpful? Like, every morning saying "Today I am pregnant". There's a lot of power psychologically in saying something repeatedly, you come to believe what you repeatedly say. Sending you love ❤️ 
  • Hey all! When is everyone stopping the shots, inserts etc. ? My doctor said I can just stop at 10 weeks and we don’t have to do blood tests or anything and it’s making me nervous. Wishing you all the best of luck :)
  • My doctor didn't stop until my last appt with the fertility clinic which for me was today!! I'm currently 11w3d. 🥳
  • @knottieab16bc7db8878618 I stopped my PIO and suppositories at 10 weeks just six days ago! Honestly, I feel phenomenal. Don’t be nervous! It’s a joy to start getting your control of your hormones back a bit. I feel more like myself than I have in MONTHS! 

    That also could be the iron infusions I have been getting too, some energy has been coming back to me from those as well. 
  • Congratulations! How are things going? I’m also pregnant through my 2nd IVF attempt. I had two hematomas causing bleeding which have now faded thank goodness and I’m weening from meds now prepping for graduation! Our due date is 6-29-23. We live in the Philly area
  • I have no advice but I share this same feeling. Planning announcements and such have started to make it feel more real
  • Hi! How much bleeding did you have ? I have a hematoma had some bleeding around 5 and a half weeks and today I had really bad cramps with bleeding, I’m 12 w 1 d. I went to the doctor expecting the worst but baby was good and healthy and the doctor said it was from the hematoma and now I’m on bed rest. I’m really concerned at this point it hasn’t gone away yet:/ 
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