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Laughing Gas Instead of Epidural

Anybody else considering using laughing gas instead of the epidural? I've heard some horror stories about the epidural from family members and personally am not a fan of a whole needle going into my spine and being bedridden after birth. I looked into some other options and came across laughing gas. It seems like a good option and if it doesn't work for me I can still opt for the epidural. Curious to see if anyone else is thinking about it or any other options

Re: Laughing Gas Instead of Epidural

  • I was induced on Friday and had labor pick up on Saturday. I decided to try the nitrous. It gives your breathing a focus, which is helpful. For me, it didn't really change the discomfort at all. It may make you care less. I only used it for a few contractions. I quickly sped into transitional labor and it did nothing at that point except take away my focus. My goal was not to have an epidural so I could use my legs quicker to get released to the NICU. For me, only the 30 minutes of transitional labor were high intensity and then it was time to push and it was over. I definitely recommend you give it a try bc it may be just what you need rather than the epidural. But if you end up getting an epidural, that may be just what you needed too! I'm happy I got 1 during my 1st delivery. 
  • I wanted to use it with my first baby, but when I asked, the doctors acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. Suffice it to say that it wasn't available at that hospital.
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  • I plan on asking for it. I'll be bringing that up with my next OB appt as well. I just don't want to be stuck in bed the whole time.
  • @admiralnilla at my hospital, the anesthesiologist who brings the nitrous tank says you essentially have to be in bed the entire time it's in the room because there's a fall risk. My midwives were fine with seated positions next to the bed or manuevering the bed so you could get into different positions on it. It did take the bath/shower out of the equation. Ask your ob what the rules at the hospital are.
  • Spoke with my OB about the nitrous option and they don't offer it at my hospital🥲 My only options are epidural or iv meds, neither of which I'm interested in so now I'm a little worried about how I'm going to do this😬
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