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Diabetes & Pregnancy

Hello! I am a type 2 diabetic and even though I am only 8w2d it’s been tough to navigate. Any other diabetic mamas out there feeling overwhelmed like I am? 

Re: Diabetes & Pregnancy

  • I am type 2 also! It has been so hard! I am just constantly stressed about keeping my sugar down. 
  • Hi there! I’m a Type 1 Diabetic - also struggling to navigate this world. My Endo has been a godsend during these early moments. I was going to suggest the book Type One Diabetes and Pregnancy - it might still be a good read even though you’re Type 2!
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  • I am grateful for my MFM team but it’s still so tough. I was just on metformin 1x per day and just checking my sugars in the morning but now I am on insulin with every meal and checking 8x per day. The struggle is real trying to eat every 2 hours! 
  • I’ll have to check that book out 
  • I am still on metformin ER 1 x a day but I’m sure that’ll change. My ob is going to check my a1c later this month so we’ll see. I’m so tired of sticking my fingers so many times a day.. my fingers hurt 😢 
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