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Breech position 35 weeks

Hi everyone! I just had my 35 week scan and baby is in breech position with feet over his head! I'm a FTM and soooo scared of a possible c section... Any words of advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated! Hoping that with spinning babies techniques will work 🤞🏻 do you think he will flip in time?

Re: Breech position 35 weeks

  • I am also still Breech! TBH after research we are feeling more comfortable with electing for a c section rather than attempting to manually turn the baby. I hope the spinning baby technique can help before it comes down to decision time 💙 we are trying too, no success so far
  • No advice but all I can say is the people I know who have had scheduled c sections all say they were super easier compared to emergency c sections! It’s a lot more calm, you don’t have to labour in the car (big bonus), and while the recovery is more involved then vaginal birth, all breach moms I know who’ve had a c section said they would do it again no question

    Hopefully baby flips for you and you get the birth you were wanting, but if not it will be ok! 

    Stay healthy mama! 
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  • Hey are either of you guys still breech? I’ve only got 2 weeks to go and they still can’t get my little one to turn. I’ve done spinning Babies, ECV, Webster technique, Moxa Sticks, and Acupuncture but no luck.

    Due to a previous injury they will only C-section if it’s a last resort and I’m definitely freaking out about a breech delivery.
  • Currently 37 weeks now and still no flipped baby... I declined the ECV since I was terrified of the cons and the success rate wasn't high enough for me to be comfortable doing it. Still trucking through and doing the spinning babies techniques and hoping he flips at the last min! My c section is scheduled in two weeks. My first babe and I'm sooooo stressed lol
  • We found out my little one can’t flip because the umbilical cord is wrapped around babies neck. Hopefully your little one flips around soon!
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