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WTO & TWW - Week of Oct 31

The WTO and TWW threads are temporarily combined until we rebuild a large enough community to merit their separation. In the meantime, please use this as a space to chat about the day-to-day, commiserate about the challenges and laugh about the comedies of TTC, and to keep track of your own shifting feelings about this process. Please be aware that this community does not do symptom spotting (studies, as well as our own collective experience here, have repeatedly shown that the only meaningful symptom of pregnancy is a positive HPT). We also try to keep this thread a safe space for all regardless of where they are in their TTC, so please be mindful about references to past success, as well as of losses. Where necessary to the conversation, we encourage a TW and to use a spoiler.

Status (WTO, TWW, benched, etc.):


CD (/DPO if applicable):

What's coming up? (FW, testing, etc.):



Re: WTO & TWW - Week of Oct 31

  • I hope it's okay, I thought I might make the combined dailies into a weekly, given how slow it's been around here...
  • @maggiemadeit thank you for this! I like doing weekly. 

    Status (WTO, TWW, benched, etc.): WTO

    Month/Cycle: Cycle 6

    CD (/DPO if applicable): CD6

    What's coming up? (FW, testing, etc.): OPK and BBT

    R/R: My Amazon order with OPKs, BBT Thermometer, and HPTs arrived today. I am very excited to start peeing on things. LOL

    CS/Q: This is my first month doing BBT- any suggestions or helpful hints? 
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  • dmcg17dmcg17 member
    edited November 2022
    Status (WTO, TWW, benched, etc.): WTO - finally got my period after 62 days!

    Month/Cycle: Month 11, Cycle 7

    CD (/DPO if applicable): CD 7

    What's coming up? (FW, testing, etc.): Back to OPK and trying to time things the right way.  I try to track BBT, but I don't sleep well, so it's all over the place.  Looking into getting the new Apple Watch that tracks temperature while you sleep because it might be more accurate.

    R/R: I'm happy to finally be in a new cycle and out of limbo, but there was a small part of me that was hoping all of the negative tests were wrong since I had a 62 day cycle...

    CS/Q: What is the best way to deal with the frustration of TTC?  I'm just starting to feel like everyone around me is getting pregnant except me.
  • @dmcgrew17, I'm glad you are starting fresh! We are almost cycle twin this cycle. Although, I ovulate early- not sure when you typically ovulate. Sending good vibes your way! 
  • @sunshine134 Thanks!!  Just hoping this one goes better than the last one.  I typically have 36 days cycles and I'm not even 100% sure when I ovulate.  I didn't see a spike last cycle and stopped testing when I should have gotten my period.  Hoping the OPK will show a spike this time. Sending good vibes to you too!
  • @dmcgrew17 I'm hoping for you too! I actually have short cycles (25 days), so I'm already OPKing at CD8. This is my first month temping so I'm anxious to see how it goes. I feel like I've BDed around O the last few cycles, and nothing. So maybe temping will help me confirm. I really hope this is our month!
  • @dmcgrew17 Great news about starting a new cycle! 

    I am right there with you ladies, I'm on CD9 and WTO. I'm giving my ovaries a little daily pep talk, "I believe it you eggs, you can do it!" LOL
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