Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

How long will this last?

On Saturday 8w3d - milding cramping with dark brown blood with small pieces of tissue which turned to pink mucus blood, with a few thin stringy pieces (All of this was only when wiping not on a pad)
Sunday - bright bed mucus blood, everytime I wiped and a fair amount. A bit on a pad.  7pm till midnight very painful cramps every minute. Pain was so pain it triggered and IBS episode. Tylenol was not touching it so I took advil and I was able to sleep.
Today - Brown blood all day with a fair amount of small pieces of tissue nothing bigger then a macaroni noodle. Cramps have started back up about an hour a go and are intense again. I can't do this all night again. I feel like my body is trying to push it out but it's not working.

I have never had a miscarriage before. How long does it take for the worst part to be over? I've read you can bleed for 2 weeks but I haven't really passed anything substantial yet. 

Re: How long will this last?

  • Please talk to your doctor. A scan and monitoring your HCG levels can determine if you're able to pass this without intervention or if you need some intervention. They can also answer your questions.

    I had what turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. It started like a miscarriage, heavy bleeding and cramping for a few days. Scans and hcg monitoring showed ectopic and I needed to go in for an injection. My bleeding was heavy for a couple of weeks, but I was still spotting almost 2 months later. So it can be a while. I'm sorry for your loss :'(
  • Thank you! They moved up my Ultrasound to Wednesday it was suppose to be next Monday.

    I passed my baby about 2 hours ago. Worst pain I have ever had. Pain is starting to settle down, hoping to get some sleep.
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