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10/31-11/6 weekly symptoms


Re: 10/31-11/6 weekly symptoms

  • @puffling2023 i totally get that GERD has prepared me for this. Honestly everyone keeps asking me if I’ve been having morning sickness and my response is that I’ve struggled with being nauseous everyday so nothing really feels different. I’m only 6w2d so I suppose there’s still time to feel sicker but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I also have munched on a few bites of rice Chex cereal before bed and that hasn’t upset my symptoms (which normally it would eating so close to bedtime) so I wonder if that also helps, not sure if it’s something you could try?
  • Anyone else’s fatigue getting worse everyday? I feel like mine is. 😴🥱
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  • @francesgs fatigue plus insomnia somehow... im exhausted all day.. barely hanging in there and then night time comes around and it's like I dont know how to sleep. Last night I was up from 3am to 4am, wide awake, after being unable to fall asleep until almost 11. Then I couldn't keep my eyes open when my alarm went off at 5:50am. It's annoying lol. And somehow pregnant women are limited to less than 200 MG of caffeine a day. What gives!?
  • @hitcj4687 Oh my goodness that sounds rough! And seriously! We need the caffeine the most! Haha 
  • Anyone struggling or have struggled with headaches? I have had migraines in the past,  but haven’t had one in a year and then all of the sudden last night one came on and it’s lasted into today. 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 yes but not due to pregnancy. Mine are just hormone related in general. Theyre terrible. I have used peppermint oil on my head, I've put my feet in hot water with  an ice pack on my neck. Good luck!
  • @hitcj4687Before trying to get pregnant I had an IUD- various ones for 7 years- and just felt like my hormones were so regulated! I literally felt the exact same every day of the month. We got pregnant so quickly after I got it taken out that I really only had one “normal”cycle. I narrowed my migraines down to stress and just limiting that helped so much, but these are different so probably hormone related. Love this for us! Lol 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 I've had migraines since I was 7 or 8 years old! I've never gotten a migraine that I can remember in any of my pregnancies, but I do usually get some headaches here and there while pregnant. Probably for various reasons like not eating enough, sleeping enough, etc that you can only do so much about when pregnant! I try to avoid Tylenol (and meds generally) in pregnancy, so I deal with mine by putting a cool washcloth (could also be a wrung out paper towel) on my head and sleeping in a room as dark as possible. Occasionally if it's not too terrible of a headache and feels like I have a lot of tension, ill bring a few candles into the bathroom and get in the bath or shower with the lights off and relax.
  • @hitcj4687 Same! I keep waking up in the middle of the night too, and then I try to nap in the afternoon but I can't. I tried to drink a little bit of coffee this morning but baby was not liking it. I used to be a solid 8-9 hours a night sleeper. Now i'm getting maybe 4-5 hours if i'm lucky. I guess it's good preparation for night feedings? :(
  • @puffling2023 wow, that is so rough. 
  • @francesgs Yes. It doesn't help that I'm not sleeping well at all either. Reeeeally hoping for a break in a few weeks when I hit second trimester 🤞
  • The sound of back cracking or chiropractor adjustments make me nauseous when I'm not pregnant and especially when I am, and my back literally will not stop cracking. I leaned over to grab a toy for my son and my entire spine let out this god awful craaaaaaaaaack and I almost puked right there. Ugh what a specific awful symptom lol
  • @kalesix3 the sound of people popping their knuckles does that to me, I absolutely cannot stand it. Back/neck doesn't bother me, but knuckles just makes my skin crawl. My husband used to do it serially when we were dating and I had to break him of it. If he were to ever do it near me while I was pregnant I'm sure I would vomit on the spot lol
  • @thescarletmom are we the same person?! Suddenly I feel less like a weirdo, but knuckles are also so gross. 🤢🤢 Let's hope he doesn't randomly remember one day he can do it, my partner rediscovered snapping his ankle the other day lol💀
  • The nausea has finally hit me this week at week 8. The upside to it is that it’s not constant and it just comes in random waves but I have noticed that I get motion sickness anytime I go into any moving vessel. I went to Vegas last weekend and I was so sick on the plane. It was pretty rough. All the other same symptoms are still happening very sore breast, extreme bloating, bodyaches and exhaustion. I don’t want to rush my pregnancy but I’ll be excited when I have a real baby belly and not a big bloated belly and I’m ready to be in my second trimester to feel better 🤞🏽. 
  • @maddmama This has been happening to me lately too! I get so full and feel stuffed and just blah after eating. I do t remember that happening so early on last pregnancy. I also get a little queasy if I don't eat for a while. I remember that being a thing. 
  • I haaaate cracking anything .. if my husband tries to crack something on me I get soo upset. It’s so creepy and gross! @thescarletmom @kalesix3
  • @Milliedm sameeeee. I want to feel a little damn normal again 
  • @maddmama it's so gross! 🤮

    @thescarletmom I'm filling out my paperwork for my appointment on Monday and in the section asking if I have or have ever had Pica they specifically list craving or eating rocks, dirt and refrigerator ice, but nothing about toilet paper so I got a laugh from that. 
  • @kalesix3 refrigerator ice?? It's pica to just want to chew on ice?? 

    @maddmama wait ON YOU? Like he's trying to crack a joint of yours? I would divorce my husband on the spot haha
  • @thescarletmom so not specifically, an insatiable craving for crunching ice is from iron deficiency, I found that out years ago because I had it and then I was confirmed anemic and the craving and urges went away after some floradix. But because pica is a really extreme version of iron deficiency they want to know if you already have the ice crunching urge so that they can get you on iron immediately and hopefully avoid it getting worse. 
    Crunching pellet ice from restaurants or enjoying it in drinks isn't a cause for concern, I specifically asked because I love pellet and crushed ice more than life haha.
  • @kalesix3 okay that makes way more sense (I'm also anemic, needed an iron supplement since like 12 haha)! I worked at a Sonic as a teenager and people are crazy about the ice there so I was suddenly concerned we were feeding an addiction haha 
  • @thescarletmom oh no haha, the slushy ice just hits differently though! If it got to an obsessive level of just needing to crunch really hard things at the detriment of your teeth that's when you raise an eyebrow but that's it! 
  • @kalesix3 fascinating, I love this insider knowledge! 

    Made a beautiful pot roast today and I was so angry that I couldn't eat more than 10 bites before I was dangerously full. I had to bite my tongue when DH got a second helping because I was soooo mad I couldn't finish mine.
  • @thescarletmom I meant to ask how the pot roast went! I get so angry when I see my SO get seconds of something I can't eat too so I know exactly how you feel! Ugh it's the absolute worst! 
    I threw up my dinner tonight in front of my partner and somehow didn't completely ruin his appetite. 😆 Serves me right for trying to eat meat lol. 
  • @kalesix3 like, I'm happy for him, really I am. It was a great dinner and it's very unlike him to take seconds of anything. But I was nursing my bowl for like 45 minutes hoping if I just took tiny bites I could power through. When I accepted I was playing a dangerous game in which I had a lot to lose, I stopped. But boy was I peeved about it haha.

    Oh no, hate throwing up in front of others! My DH always acts like he isn't phased much by me puking but he is probably just being nice. One day last week I got home from work and immediately ran to the bathroom to puke and DS2 followed me and as I'm actively vomiting he goes "what doing, mommy?" in his sweet little voice. DH came to get him right after and I couldn't help but laugh.
  • @thescarletmom hahah YES! He will try to pop my ankles during a foot massage. I get MAD. He’s lucky that foot doesn’t kick him in the face 😂😂
  • @maddmama NOO that's a crime. Tell him he can't do that! Straight to jail. I cannot imagine what sort of demons would possess my body if my husband tried to pop one of MY joints 
  • Anyone else experiencing slight discomfort in their hips? Too much stretching going on maybe… 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @francesgs yes! My hips (and my lower back between my hips) have been sore. I cope by making my husband rub my back all the time 😂
  • @thescarletmom I need to put my husband to work haha 
  • ksdelong20ksdelong20 member
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    Nausea has started to calm down for me, thanks to some B6! Seriously, if you haven't tried it, get some. My OB said 25mg 3x a day, so DH cut up a bunch of the 100mg pills he picked up for me. I had only a little morning nausea with my first two so this all day off/on and worst in the evenings stuff was an unwelcome new experience.
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