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Help! FET 8 weeks Measuring 7w 3d

Hi all, first FET and wow this pregnancy has been stressful so far. Ended up having a hematoma and two yolk sacs (1 has since stopped developing). My first scan I went in and was supposed to be 6w 3d but was measuring 5w 6d. But there was a fetal pole and flickering heart beat. Went in again 10 days later (supposed to be 7w 6d) and baby was still measuring 4 days behind at 7w 4d. Doctor is basically stumped bc she thinks measuring behind with FET indicates a loss, but the baby is progressing perfectly at the rate it should and has a strong heart beat of 153… but is 4 days behind. Anyone heard of this or had experience with this ? I’m losing my mind over here 

Re: Help! FET 8 weeks Measuring 7w 3d

  • If your baby was measured as 4 days “behind” both times I would guess you didn’t ovulate when you/they think you did. Based on the info you gave that seems very logical to me. Sounds like there’s not a big reason to worry, in my opinion. 
    Not sure what FET stands for, but I don’t think it changes my answer. 
    I hope you have a healthy baby!!! ❤️
  • *lurking from December board*
     4 days behind is not a problem for FET. There's always a margin of error, if you had a different sonographer you might get a slightly different number. Also, someone told me frozen embryos sometimes are a little slower growing at first (this someone wasn't a doctor and I didn't look into research, so it may not be accurate but it gave me comfort). My first 2-3 scans were also measuring 4 days behind, but the last dating scan they did had him measuring just 1 day behind, so we changed EDD to that date. I don't remember when that was, but definitely before the anatomy scan. I'm 31 weeks tomorrow (or today based on transfer date) and baby is now in the 85th %ile and my fundal height is measuring 33 weeks, so he has more than caught up. We also transferred 2 and lost one early on. Take a deep breath and try to relax (I know the anxiety, especially if you have a history of loss or infertility), everything is okay!
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  • thank you so so much I really appreciate you sharing. I think my doctor is overly cautious but it came out as very negative so it’s helpful hearing personal experiences in the same situation. So happy it has worked for you!!! 
  • Thank you!!! FET is frozen embryo transfer, we did IVF. So it’s a little tricky because they know the exact dates of ovulation, implantation etc. fingers crossed it’s gonna work out ! 
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