3rd Trimester

Renovation cleaning at 8months

My partner decided to start renovating the house at the same time we were having the kitchen cabinets replaced
Our plan was to only have the kitchen renovations going on and try to manage living in the house with that as the wall in knocked down and ceilings exposed in kitchen

My partner then decided to renovate the second floor , re wiring the entire second floor.
Which meant drilling , moving things in an out of rooms , no power ect . It’s been almost 4 weeks and I went by the house yesterday as I have been staying with my parents and it is like a tornado went through the house .
It is so overwhelming and he was expecting me to be able to clean up the renovation mess he has left
I had to explain to him I don’t have the energy and I can’t bend and left and go up and down the stairs .
This clean is a huge feat, and there is a lot to do to get the house back in order

I feel like he is subconsciously annoyed with me for saying I can’t help with this now
I explained the renovations he started were much too late and now I’m 34 weeks into my pregnancy and he’s still not finished upstairs
He’s asked his parents for help now

Am I crazy for feeling totally useless ?
I just do not have this in me now

If I wasn’t pregnant I’d be all about helping to clean ect I even wanted to paint the spare room originally but it’s all just taken so long I’ve run out of the energy to do these things

Re: Renovation cleaning at 8months

  • Hell no. Tell him what you’re willing to do but then say he needs to find help or hire someone. He’s the one who took this big project on so he has to figure it out. Y’all should’ve had better communication before it started though. And if he did do all this without making sure it was okay with you first then I wouldn’t help at all 🤷🏻‍♀️
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