Is there anyone who can help & shed a little light on my situation

Hi guys I’m 26 years old and I have a 6 year old daughter . I’ve been ttc for about 2 years now. My periods are so unexplainable now I’m not to sure if I even can again . Now a days my period last 3 weeks out the month I’m bleeding more than I’m not which is causing a lot of relationship issues , and I don’t know if these are heavy periods or miscarriages . Just yesterday , I wasn’t bleeding to much a little when I wiped but nothing more than a couple drops . And when I go to have sex with my husband I’m bleeding everywhere .. which huge clots . I feel so hopeless at this point I’m starting to hate my body


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    @velladuhh26 It sounds like you need to see a gynecologist or women’s health provider to get some answers. There are a lot of different conditions that could be causing your extended menstrual bleeding which would require blood work and pelvic imaging. Start with a gynecologist first and if you feel like you don’t have root cause answers, see a functional medicine provider or naturopath. 

    Don’t lose hope about your fertility. Your body needs to be healthy and in balance first. You are also quite young and have many fertile years ahead of you. 
  • You definitely need to see your gynecologist. Bleeding 3 weeks out of a month isn't normal and indicates a health issue that could be serious. TTC shouldn't be on your radar at the moment, just getting your health under control needs to happen first. Your body is telling you something is wrong, go figure out what it is.
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  • You are too young for premenopause, but those sound something like premenopausal symptoms. I am not a doctor, but that sounds like far too much bleeding to me! Definitely see a doctor or two.
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