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Missed Miscarriage options

Hi! I found out  a few days ago that I have a missed miscarriage and my embryo stoped growing at 6 weeks and no heartbeat when I should be at 9 weeks. Currently waiting to see if the tissue will pass naturally but since it’s already been a few weeks i’m not that hopefully it’ll start in the next few days. 

My options are the medical treatment, which sounds like it can be painful. Or a D&C which also has some risks involved. 

Has anyone experienced either of these options and mind sharing? 
I’m torn on what to do.

Re: Missed Miscarriage options

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. TW for brief mention of living children below. 

    I had two D&C’s for my MMC’s. They are fairly low risk for most women. I didn’t have time or bandwidth to deal with a prolonged experience due to my job and I also felt this was the best option for my mental health. I would 100% do it the same again. My recovery was speedy (physical) though the emotional and mental recovery took longer. I was asleep for both and highly recommend not to do this awake. 

    Some women who do medication end up having to have a D&C anyway due to retained products of conception. It’s not the norm but does happen. 

    For what it’s worth, I was able to have two children successfully afterwards and am pregnant with #3, so it had no impact on my fertility or ability to conceive afterward. 
  • I had a MMC in May, I opted for the tablets, for me it was the best option I'd already waited 2.5wks and there was a waiting list for D&C. I wanted the ordeal over as quickly as possible. I had no problem everything happened as I was told and it was over in a few hours ❤️
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  • I recommend a D&C while asleep. Get some rest. Get it done. 
    I’m having a natural MC right now. It’s a long, long process (my third round, unfortunately). Cramping, and last time I bled for over a month on and off. Assuming similar situation this round too. 
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    I had a really similar situation earlier this month (stopped developing at 6 weeks and found out at my 8 week ultrasound) and ended up taking the pills about a week ago. So far it has been good. My pregnancy symptoms stopped within a couple days. I am still bleeding but it is starting the lighten up. I chose it because I did not want to wait any longer and I liked the idea of being able to stay at home.

    The loss has been really hard to grapple with and I am worried because I had a chemical pregnancy in July. For people who have been through this before how long did you wait after miscarriage before trying again?
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