Pregnant after a Loss

Anyone else taking progesterone? Any success stories?

I have had a son born at 38 weeks with no complications, and a son born at 27 weeks for an unknown reason, and multiple early miscarriages all throughout. 
I am starting progesterone this time around and the plan is to take it the whole pregnancy. I’m nervous and excited to see if it makes a difference. Of course I want to avoid another loss, but almost more than that I want to avoid the nicu. I’d almost rather a super early loss that doesn’t hurt baby, than watch my baby suffer through like my second son did. 
He is now so healthy and strong and I’m amazed at him and how he’s caught up completely at 2, but wow was it traumatic on the whole family! 
How much hope do you think I should have this time, based on your experiences? 


  • I'm curious why your doctor recommended progesterone for your entire pregnancy? I've read studies that after a certain point (12 weeks, I think?), research has shown it has a detrimental effect. Something like baby aspirin might be a better match for what you need for a healthy pregnancy later on. I'm not a doctor, of course, but if you haven't connected with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist yet, I'd ask for that and make sure you discuss all of the options, and the pros and cons of each. Personally, I took progesterone with this pregnancy (but not with my earlier loss), but it was IVF so I'm not sure my experience is comparable to yours.
  • @00kim00 Interesting, I’ll have to ask her about that. I think that my history with pregnancy and the problems that my family have had really played into it. Our whole family has had different hormonal imbalances that have really affected pregnancies. So that’s what we’re talking through now. Who knows what will be the answer for me though, I’m only 5 weeks. I think it’ll be an ongoing discussion with her on what is safest!
    And there’s always a chance I’m misunderstanding something. We’ll see 😂
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  • I want to leave my update for anyone who's curious. I used over the counter progesterone cream for months, definitely through the 1st trimester. After 5 mc over the years, and feeling the way my body acted through each of the 8 pregnancies, I believe that that cream kept me from mc her! 
    At 21 weeks I hadn't been using it for a few weeks and started to have contractions come and go with enough length and regularity that the app told me to go to the hospital. We freaked out, went in, and learned that my cervix was short. They prescribed progesterone suppositories, and long story short, my body continued to be crampy and just dramatic, and I constantly thought that she would still come early, but I went into labor ON her due date and she came the next morning.
    Thank you, God! He helped us figure the problem out and gave us wisdom for each day as it came, even though I didn't trust him as much as I could have!
    I'm not sure how the strength of the suppositories compare with the cream, considering it is absorbed MUCH better topically so it's not apples to apples. I'm assuming the prescription was stronger, though. 
    I hope this info can help someone! Surely someone else's body is similar to mine!
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