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Prenatal vitamin

What type of prenatal vitamin is everyone taking? I’m currently taking one but looking for one that has iron and choline in it too which is hard to find. Also one without artificial coloring!

Re: Prenatal vitamin

  • @quartzgirl at the recommendation of others here, I just ordered the MaryRuth Organics liquid prenatal + prenatal iron! It is arriving today so I haven't tried it myself yet, but my husband (who is a diligent vitamin researcher and is trying very hard to keep me nourished through pregnancy b/c I get hyperemesis) and I were impressed that it has 18% DV of choline! I haven't found many other vitamins with it. The only downside is I did have to order the iron separately, but I'm okay with that for all the other benefits.
  • I take Ritual, which has both iron and choline. Iron has historically made me really nauseous, but I’ve had not issue with this brand! 
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