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10/17 weekly randoms

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What’s uppp?!

Re: 10/17 weekly randoms

  • @maddmama same. I much prefer the discomfort of third tri to what my first trimesters are like (plus no cute bump or kicks and hiccups to soothe my nerves).
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  • @thescarletmom YES. I’d rather be a big uncomfortable house of a human haha 
  • I agree! I like physically looking pregnant so people actually can tell. I dont know why lol. I'm also already looking forward to my maternity leave, even though it's 8 months away 😂 
  • 1st trimester is tough, however, the “4th trimester” has been very rough on me in the past. Emotionally and physically. So I’m trying to enjoy these first 12 weeks as much as possible. Gas, bloat and all!
  • The first trimester scares me too. Just hoping everything is okay for that little bean trying to grow 🥹
  • Yep, always ready for the first tri to be safely done. This is my 3rd and I enjoyed being pregnant the first two times so hopefully this one goes smoothly as well. 
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    @Knottie583d77e2008b7ec5 trueeee. I also had very rough post-partum periods (as in time frame not bleeding) with my two. Worse with my second. I’m planning to have much more support this time around in anticipation ❤️ 
  • This will be our last one, but I’m not exactly “soaking up” these symptoms. I love the outcomes, but I hate being pregnant!
  • @cassafrass123 I really do hate pregnancy too, and have always felt terrible for saying it! It’s worth it but I’m already feeling like what have I signed up for?? Why did I do this again?? 😩
  • @cassafrass123 @annemarie96 I also don't "love" being pregnant and that's mostly because I love a good IPA and my red wine and 9 months of sobriety sucks 😂😂😂 maybe that makes me sound like an ass, but it's my truth 
  • Really needing to hide this baby belly at work for AT LEAST another 1-2 weeks, but second baby bump is SO much more noticeable than my first. Help! lol
  • Anyone else struggling emotionally? Like, I cry at the drop of a hat these days; but, I mean more so that I’m just not feeling excited for this baby. I’m dreading telling people and how they’ll react to a fourth child. I’m heavier than I was for my previous pregnancies and I’m dreading my doctors visits and getting even bigger too.

    Don’t get me wrong- I want this baby. I’m just not looking forward to pregnancy and people judging me.
  • @cassafrass123 aw, I'm sorry mama. Ive been having similar feelings. I've been so sick and feeling really down, even though we want this baby. It makes it hard to be excited. I also told my best friend we were expecting no. 3 and she just said "you're having another one?" She wasn't overtly negative or anything but she didn't seem excited and it hurt my feelings pretty bad. We're pretty young parents, the first of our group to have kids at all, but still. So I totally get the anxiety. 
  • @cassafrass123 I'm right there with you. I absolutely want this baby, but have really been struggling with feeling positive lately. I'm also heavier and really having a hard time accepting my body right now in addition to the changes that are to come. Given that this wasn't a planned pregnancy.... I'm also wondering how people will react, but I'm really working on not letting other people's opinions influence my feelings. Here's to embracing the ups and downs of this journey and finding sweetness in the small moments 💓
  • My heart really goes out to you ladies, I hope there's way less judging and a whole lot of supporting you all in the coming weeks and months 🤞🏻 I wish people would be more excited and keep their thoughts about other other's family planning to themselves. No matter what number of baby it is or how unexpected etc, it's nobody's business 🥺 
  • Hey ladies- just want to affirm that we can love our kids and want our babies and still dislike the experience of being pregnant. Some of us enjoy pregnancy, and some of us don't. So be kind to yourselves!
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