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Weekly symptoms 10/17

What's new this week for everyone? 

Re: Weekly symptoms 10/17

  • Omg Im dumb i started a week check in and totally didn’t see this one! I’ll delete mine :)
  • I had crampsssss galore the past week. Seemed to have chilled out. I feel like I have motion sickness just standing in my house. And getting pimples! Haha. I think I’m at 7 weeks. Waiting for dating ultrasound still and wasn’t tracking my periods last few months. 
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  • Hello all, it's me again, complaining that my new zofran prescription is not helping as much as I hoped 😞 I'm not really throwing up anymore since I started taking it, but it doesn't affect my nausea levels at all - I still FEEL like I'm going to throw up all day long.

    Feeling miserable and a little hopeless because at this point I'm struggling to get out of bed and take care of myself. Starting to get nervous it may be twins because I'm so sick.
  • Have been very tired and having cramps most days in week 5. Bloating seems to come and go (some days I think I need to start getting some maternity clothes as even my stretchy joggers feel uncomfortable but it seems so early to be doing that!)
  • This week my nausea is ramping up in the evenings, still some light cramping here and there, oh and the fatigue is real. Going in for an ultrasound Thursday just to make sure everything is ok since I've been having off and on brown spotting. Thursday can't come soon enough!
  • The cramping, bloating, and exhaustion this time are next freaking level. Fortunately the nausea has been very bearable so far…unfortunately I’m only 6 weeks tomorrow so it probably hasn’t ramped up yet
  • I'm pretty gassy.  I pee a lot and have been having very vivid dreams. Slight breast pain that comes and goes and mild cramping. Increasing irritability and sensitivity. 6 weeks tomorrow. No nausea whatsoever though. 
  • My nausea is really kicking up this week. No vomiting yet but there have been lots of dry heaving and absolutely nothing sounds appetizing.

    @sunny_native14 I have also had some on and off light brown spotting. I have my ultrasound on Monday and agree it cannot come soon enough! I hope everything goes well on Thursday!!
  • @sbaby Thank you and I wish the same for you Monday! 
  • Currently have a cold from my oldest. Every time I cough I can FEEL my uterus. Like a pressure? Idk. It’s the weirdest feeling 
  • @annemarie96 aww I'm so sorry. Praying for healthy sticky baby for you and one soon in your sister's future. My cousin was pregnant the same time as me before and had a loss. It's heart breaking and so unfair. 

    Symptom wise I have to pee urgently. Which I know doesn't make sense yet but it's not stopping me from ordering a female travel urinal as I drive a lot for work in rural areas 
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    @maddmama I also have a nasty cold and have been feeling the same thing! It is so bizarre.  
  • @maddmama me too when I blow my nose!!!
  • I think being in a state of constant anxiety, high alert, ridiculously busy and overwhelmed by staying with my partners family who I don't necessarily like, and staying for such an extended period of time is keeping me from feeling a lot of my symptoms. Almost like I can't check on with my body and see how I'm really feeling because of anxiety or something.? Idk it's annoying but maybe I'm just hyper vigilant not to barf in front of people so I'm avoiding morning sickness triggers. The anxiety loop is great lol. 
    One new thing is having anything pressing on my stomach gives me this huge aversion though, like I feel sick from it. It took a while to show up so I thought it wouldn't happen this time around but nope lol. 
  • @kalesix3 me too with the stomach pressure issue! I literally was googling those pregnancy car seat belt adjusters yesterday because the pressing against my stomach just gets me. I didn't have this with my other two and it's so weird. Like I can't even wear leggings because they're too fitted in the waist band and around my belly so it presses in too much. So irritating.
  • This past week has been super difficult for me. The irritability is next level. I'm avoiding staff because I may fire them for breathing 😮‍💨. Had a doctor's appointment because it seems I have bv and also a rash on my breast that's self-limiting but she expects it to spread to my whole trunk before it goes away. It's started to spread. It's itchy. 
  • @BabygirlJ Wow that’s rough! I hope you feel better really soon! 
  • @ksdelong20 the peeing is totally normal right now! You’ve got more blood going through your kidneys and the hormones make you have to go too!
  • Random sharp twinge pains in my cervix … lightning crotch already?! Does this all happen way earlier with the 3rd or wtf is happening 🥴🥲
  • Hahahaha I had them at about 5:30 am today! Thought I was losing my mind
  • Thank you. 😊 
  • Insomnia on top of fatigue and brain fog, so feel like an idiot at work sometimes. Only 5 weeks, so hoping my brain lets me sleep more than 4 hours soon!
  • Insomnia on top of fatigue and brain fog, so feel like an idiot at work sometimes. Only 5 weeks, so hoping my brain lets me sleep more than 4 hours soon!
    Omg YEAH. I’m sooo exhausted allll day, but when night comes I’m wide awake and cannot fall asleep. How is that fair 🙃
  • @maddmama I've never gotten lightning crotch but I've heard a ton of stories of it showing up as early as finding out you were pregnant so I think it can strike at any time 😬 I hope it doesn't get too bad for you! 

    @BabygirlJ oh no that's sounds terrible. My mood is 0-60 with irritability when I have a skin condition. I just can't deal. Hope you get some relief asap 🤞🏻

    @thescarletmom omg yess it's so irritating and horrible. It happens to me every time. I usually love compression on my stomach, and how tucked in leggings make me feel but 🤢🤢 I can't do it anymore. I hope it goes away for you and I'm also really curious what causes it. 🤔
  • @Milliedm I’m so sorry you’re not feeling great

    I know there’s not a lot of tangible things an internet stranger can do to help, but please know that we’re here when you need to talk about it
  • Bloating was wild at end of 5 weeks. Like my leggings were so snug already!
  • I’m literally drooling while reading bedtime stories 😂😂😂 I have weird ass pregnancy symptoms. 
  • I wake up pretty easily at night and then take a while to fall back asleep but other than that I don't have much for symptoms right now.
  • I am still bloated and I am so hungry all day! 
  • OMG am I struggling this weekend. I'm just so short tempered with my family, then of course I feel guilty. But for reals, I want to rip everyone's head off and then simultaneously cry and like fall asleep. I just can't shake the rage. I cried because I didn't have time to clean up and fold clothes before my partner went to work....then cried later when he got home because I was so exhausted I just couldn't bring myself to do anything. I'm realizing what a toll on my mental/emotional health pregnancy takes, sometimes I think way more than the physical impacts. 
  • I cried when a Christmas episode of a tv show came on 🙃
  • @maddmama I'm shocked at what I find myself crying at 😂
  • @maddmama I’ve been feeling funky twinges and sharp pains waaaayy down there. Like the pressure and stabbing pains when you’re about to push when you’re in labor.  I honestly think some of it is from constipation and things pressing on nerves or something. I am not used to constipation! Not like this. 😅 
    I’m so bloated that I know I look pregnant already, but I’m not quite 6 weeks, not 12. I feel like I shouldn’t be this big yet. 😂 
    I feel the uterus already too, that heavy weight and “full” feeling. It brought back so many memories. 
    I’ve been cramping quite a bit too. Made me nervous but everything’s been great so far!
  • If I see something funny, I laugh til I cry. And the boob pain has ramped up to a 9 the last few days!
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