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Subchorionic hemorrhage/ gestational sac&yolk sac, no fetal pole

Can’t sleep.. had bleeding Friday morning and had to visit the ER. Of course my initial thought was I’m miscarrying. After they took my hcg and it was high, I calmed down a bit even though it seemed unusually high unless there was an error. My hcg level was 17,668. According to my last period on September 6th, on Friday, I believed I was only 5w3d. My worries only worsened after having my first transvaginal US. There was a gestational sac and yolk sac, but no fetal pole. My cervix was closed. Saturday I only had spotting but I’m less concerned about the bleeding after researching SCHs and way more concerned of a blighted ovum and a decrease in my biggest symptom which is breast tenderness. My follow up US is on the 25th and seems so far away. Has anyone else experienced this????
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