December 2022 Moms

What are you most looking forward to when you aren’t pregnant anymore??

Besides the obvious of meeting the baby!  :)

For me, I cannot wait to go for runs again!  I’m not sure I appreciated how much by body did for me before being pregnant.  My body just did what I told it to do without a lot of complaints.  Hopefully I will remember how frustrating it is to not have that anymore so I can be more inspired to go for runs even when I’m feeling lazy or tired!  

What’s yours??

Re: What are you most looking forward to when you aren’t pregnant anymore??

  • Alcohol😂 I maybe drink once or twice a month but I would love a martini
  • Honestly, being able to reach my feet without a struggle. And a glass of wine. 
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  • Not needing to ask what kind of cheese is in a dish and whether it was pasteurized. Same goes for asking about temperature/doneness for meat. 
  • janinegbjaninegb member
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    I honestly can’t wait to get back to being heavily physically active again. Drinking my coffees and breaking out my espresso maker. Sitting relaxing with a couple of drinks 
  • Feeling my fingers again since I’ve been dealing with carpel tunnel, no more heartburn, not checking my blood sugar four times a day, and I’m not much of a drinker but I really miss marijuana. It’s a big factor in controlling my anxiety and I really enjoy relaxing at the end of a stressful day with it. I’m glad I’ve worked out through my entire pregnancy but I’m excited to train hard again. 
  • Oh! Forgot to add going back to my regular antidepressants, I prefer edibles/vapor over greens unless I want faster results for when I feel anxiety coming on 
  • being able to eat like normal!! i was already avoiding those certain things we’re warned against in pregnancy, but now i have gestational diabetes so i’ve had to cut out a lot more things that i used to eat previously and it’s been HARD
  • Drinking regular coffee again. I don't drink alcohol but it will be nice to just buy one kind of coffee in the house or order two of the same kind in restaurants. Decaf is fine but buh bye, won't miss it. 
  • Just generally being able to do what I want. Meaning just get up off the couch without the struggle. Going places and not worrying about where to pee. And laying on my stomach
  • I never really order mixed drinks when we go out but, of course, seeing all these fun fall drinks just makes me want just the option of being able to order one. Haha and can't wait to have a beer every now and again. I normally drink water but have a beer with my dinner sometimes instead of soda when I want that carbonation. 
  • Back on MJ since pregnancy made me bump up on anxiety and depression meds. Being able to sleep on my tummy and back. Mostly, just will be happy the morning sickness will be just gone and I can just eat normally again. Oh how my relationship with food has changed. Lastly, this momma wants her mimoas!
  • I just want to lie and sleep on my tummy again! That’s all I want! 😂
  • Wine/beer, sleeping on my stomach/without 500 pillows, high intensity workouts and I miss my jeans!! Never thought I’d be sick of leggings but I’m excited for the day I don’t feel frumpy in my outfit 
  • I am looking forward to my nausea going away. I have hyperemesis gravidarum and have been lucky enough to experience it my whole pregnancy. Can't wait to be able to eat and drink whatever I want without getting sick!
  • wine, raw seafood, sleeping however I want, automaticity/ease with moving around quickly again. As I get bigger and slower it is making me so mad that I’m not as agile as I’m used to being 😂
  • Wine. 
    Being able to put on socks without grunting. 
    Not feeling short of breath all the time. 
    Cold/unheated turkey sandwiches. 
    No one’s feet in my ribs or head on my bladder. 

    I’d say sleep, but I know that ship has sailed and won’t return to harbor for a long time. 
  • I have a whole list🤣
    •Cold subs/sandwiches, feta cheese, rare meat, raw sushi
    • Sleeping on my stomach
    • Lots of coffee
    • Alcohol, I just wanna margarita race my partner again😭
    • Working out, I can't wait to get my body back for myself
    • Not needing help out of the bed🥲
    • No more doc visits and blood tests !!
    • Wearing regular pants😖
    • Not peeing a thousand times a day
    • Not having people stare at me weird at stores

    Less than 2 months !!
  • The ability to dine as I would before.
  • Gah I can’t wait to wear whatever clothes I want again! I miss dressing cute. I can’t wait to be able to lay on my stomach when I’m reading. Have a glass of sangria! Being allowed to have as much coffee as I want 😂 walking at my regular speed and pushing myself in yoga! I also can’t wait to sit up straight again😂 idk if anyone else has this problem, but I’m most comfortable slightly reclined now.
  • alexa_rosiealexa_rosie member
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    Going to hot tub, eating nice soft cheeses and sunny side up eggs. 
  • Not feeling fat, not getting out of breath over the most mundane tasks like putting on socks, and enjoying some wine 
  • Being able to breathe lying down, not having to burp 30x for hours after each meal, no heartburn, not having to pee every 20 min, not having someone punch me non stop.

    But seriously. The heartburn and burping. I am miserable over here. 
  • @narwhal33 I feel your response so much!!  The burping is unreal and goes on for hours after every meal!!  Ugh!  
  • Yeah the constant urge to pee is horrible! 
  • A medium rare steak with a glass of red wine after a proper workout. A slow walk around the block feels like a 5 K these days. 
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