2nd Trimester

Nausea in 2nd trimester

So I lost 12lbs in my first trimester due to morning (all day long) sickness and my doc said it should be gone after 16 weeks. I'm only going to be 17 weeks tomorrow but I'm impatient and annoyed it's still happening, though not nearly as much. Is morning sickness in the 2nd trimester normal? I've heard it's supposed to stop completely. And any good recommendations besides ginger? The taste makes it worse!

Re: Nausea in 2nd trimester

  • Some people unfortunately have it the whole time. Mine tapered off around 19 weeks, and was 
    pretty much gone by 22 weeks or so, though I still have aversions (I'm 28 weeks now). For me, mints helped the acute nausea, and there were particular foods that I was more likely to be able to eat without nausea (nuts, potatoes, peas, apple juice). Some people find sea bands helpful, and my doctor recommended vitamin B6.
  • Unisom (doxylamine succinate) and B6 was the only thing that has helped/is helping me and I am in the third trimester now
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  • I know someone who had it so bad through both of her pregnancies that she wS actually hospitalized multiple times during both pregnancies.  The ONLY thing that stopped it was giving birth.  So I hope it gets better for you, but just know it may be w/ you your entire pregnancy. 

    Work w/ your doctor on this!
  • I’m sorry you are feeling crummy! I’m 19 weeks today and just started to feel my all-day nausea slow down and my appetite grow at week 18. I’m hoping it continues that path, but I get it gets very frustrating when everyone keeps telling you that it should have been better weeks ago. I tried and focused on fats and protein since I lost weight in my first trimester too. Apples and peanut butter, whole milk, cheese slices, ice cream, bagels and cream cheese. I weirdly also found that hot tea (peppermint in particular) went down so much easier than cold water so I drank a lot of tea. I am still getting small waves here and there but nothing near where it was a month ago. 
  • So sorry to hear about your prolonged nausea. Crackers and plain Greek yoghurt worked for me. I am 24 weeks , and puked a few times during my second trimester. I noticed that most of these times was when I had red meat. To avoid the nausea I eat it earlier during th day so I can walk off the heaviness and I simply cut down on the amount I was consuming. I also noticed my body reacting to soda and juices again, so I try to only have when the craving is killing me. This is what helped me. I hope it helps you too. All the best. The constant nausea can really make you feel miserable.
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