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GTKY 10/11

What's your favorite movie/TV show?

Re: GTKY 10/11

  • I enjoyed Stranger Things
  • Favorite movie of all time is “Little Giants”
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  • I love the movie Clueless and for a tv show Schitts Creek.
  • Interstellar is a fav! Sci-fi is my go to genre. As far as shows go the 100 and not tv but the Netflix series You 
  • Oh man I don't know what my most favorite movie of all time would be, I like pretty much all the MCU. My favorite shows are Bridgerton, and The Witcher, I'm also really digging House of the Dragon lately🐲
  • @kalesix3 I think we're best friends lol. Love Marvel! Especially obsessed with Wandavision and the Loki show. Currently waiting not-very-patiently until the daredevil (movie? show? can't remember) they're doing comes out! I loved the Netflix series with Charlie Cox. I watched season 2 of The Witcher with my husband and loved it! Season 1 is somewhat off limits for me because of the *TW* infant death scene. But I've watched some of the episodes to not be totally lost on backstop, DH just screened them for me.
  • @thescarletmom oh the Yennefer scene, ngl that nearly ended me, I didn't know it was coming, I'm glad you got it screened. 
    Wandavision was so freaking good and I loved Loki more than I thought possible! I haven't liked miss marvel and she hulk very much after watching the other Disney+ shows, they just didn't hit the same. I sobbed my way through wandavision and multiverse of madness. 
    I'm so curious what they'll do for the new daredevil,. I'm sure it will be incredible and I just know Black Panther 2 will have me in tears since Chadwick Boseman passed away 💔
  • @kalesix3 same same same. If i had watched that scene not expecting it, i would never have watched a single further episode of the show. I hate hate hate things where kids/babies are hurt, my heart just cant take it. My husband is a huge ms marvel fan and read all her comics and was personally offended that I just didn't care for her. And I only cared about shehulk the one episode Daredevil was in it haha. Watching that movie, especially after everyone said wanda was the villain of wandavision, I was like I'm sorry but as a mother (of two boys no less) I would also burn the world all the way down to get to my children. I literally cried the entire time.

    I'm actually planning to announce to the in laws that I'm pregnant on Halloween by wearing the wandavision dress since they watched it too! Hopefully they'll catch on haha.
  • @kalesix3 love bridgerton! 

    Favorite movie - a league of their own! Since I was like 10 haha. 
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  • Favorite movie - Lord of the Rings (Two Towers of I can't pick the series) 
    TV show - Friends or House. I can watch either on repeat
  • I don’t really watch movies or TV, I love YouTube. Often my husband will sit down and watch a “scary” movie that would make my anxiety worse, and I watch YouTube. We finally just admitted our preferences to each other and decided to each do our own thing. 😂 YouTube is by far my favorite entertainment!! So addicting haha
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