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Managing weight gain at 22 weeks

Hi 😊, I need some help with how to manage or avoid gaining too much weight during this time. Any tips, what worked for you? Thanks in advance.

Re: Managing weight gain at 22 weeks

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    I would just be mindful of what you're eating. Most everything is fine to eat in moderation and if you're having a hard time keeping foods down then eat what you can manage to keep down. Every pregnancy and every body is different so you may need to gain a little more than someone else. Honestly I do not worry about the scale, I worry more about how I am feeling. As long as I'm feeling well I don't worry about it unless my doctor is concerned.
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    Making sure to eat LOTS of protein and veggies - the protein for the crazy hunger and the veggies for the constipation. Microwaved scrambled eggs has been my thing, otherwise I'm way too hungry and will just eat whatever.  
    I've also found that indoor cycling has been a great pairing with prenatal yoga. I'm taking a birth prep yoga class and it is awesome! A bit of strength as well as stretch and meditation. 
    Find what works for you and do that, as you're more likely to do what you enjoy 😊. For example, my friend took up swimming and loves it while that's not really my thing. 
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    Eat a balanced diet, as best as you can.  Don't indulge on garbage food - everything in moderation.  You will gain weight and as long as you are eating well rounded meals and your doctor is not concerned then don't even use the scale.  Seriously, no need to, as I said, unless your doctor us concerned and wants you to monitor it. 
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    Eat protein as much as you can - boiled eggs, chicken breast, lentils. Cottage cheese (sparkle with salt, dill and parsley) is great to bear hunger. Obviously veggies as someone already wrote above - I make salads with avocado, this helps to stay away from the kitchen longer. 
    Apart from lentils, - buckwheat, barley, oats and millet are soooo good for you and the baby!  Find the recipe for each that works for you and add one of them once a day. 
    These are my tricks to manage weight, hope it helps! 
    Oh and finn crisp crispbread instead of any other bread is another thing I eat, they are delicious. 
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