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Weekly Randoms 10/10

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Re: Weekly Randoms 10/10

  • Holy crap traveling in early pregnancy is so much harder than in the third trimester like I did the first time. Flying also feels a billion times rougher and more turbulent than I remember is being. It's also hard to avoid morning sickness at someone else's house. I'm counting the literal days till we can go home. 
    @thescarletmom ice cold gingerale on the plan was so helpful, thanks for that tip 🙏🏻
  • @kalesix3 that sounds so rough, I'm glad the ginger ale helped!! Fingers crossed you get some relief and/or the time flies until you can rest in the comfort of your own home!

    We happened to run in to my in laws at a pumpkin patch today (my husband's dad remarried and had another kid when DH was a teen) and ended up spending a few hours together there. It was great, DS loves his aunt, but it was SO HARD just to not complain outloud about how uncomfortable/not good I was feeling since we haven't told them yet haha. 
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  • Guys, I just want to share how excited I am this time around!! I have had multiple losses and have two healthy boys, and I’m starting this pregnancy the most mentally well that I have so far! I have the mental energy (so far) to really take care of my body the way I need to, and I have so much hope that taking good care of my body from the very first couple weeks will really help symptoms. We’ll see. I had such severe dehydration with my last pregnancy. 
    Also, I lived in China during my other pregnancies, in a rural area with terrible healthcare. This is my first time being able to have a midwife and have regular appts, my first time starting a pregnancy out in a home I’m settled in and will be in when baby comes, and the first time we’ve gotten pregnant since my husband got this job that pays well. I feel so freaking stable I don’t even recognize myself, and I’m amazed how different a positive test feels this time around!!! I am so so excited!!
    Not to mention the prepared feeling that having aaaall the baby things stored away and ready has given me. I feel so dang prepared and it is a new feeling. 
    Thanks for listening, anyone who read all of that!! 🎉
  • @annemarie96 I'm so happy for you that things are feeling so good this time ❤️
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