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Nap time anyone?

Is anyone else experiencing extreme fatigue? I cannot get up in the mornings, I’m constantly searching for the next and best nap space, and sleeping the best I’ve slept in awhile through the night.. currently 5 weeks 3 days … 

Re: Nap time anyone?

  • Yes! My husband and I were on vacation in Spain when we found out!!!! I literally couldn’t walk more than an hour at a time and found any excuse to go back to our hotel so I could nap during the day. I’d nap like 2x during the day and then slept perfectly throughout the night. Safe to say, I’m so happy to be back home!!
  • I feel your pain so much!! For the first time in my life yesterday I slept through my work alarm... It went off for a solid 10 minutes and then just shut itself off. I'm taking tomorrow off work to just sleep. Are you finding it's harder not to "come out" as pregnant, being as tired as you guys are? I am pukey and dizzy all day too, so it's harder and harder to keep this a secret haha! 
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  • I am with you. Sitting at my desk right now at 4 o'clock and can barely keep my eyes open, let alone finish the pile of work that needs to be done in my inbox right now. I just want to go to sleep! I don't know how much longer I can keep my mostly female, veteran mom coworkers in the dark lol.
  • Yess, I am pretty positive people are onto me and I want to explain my sleepiness but I’m trying so hard to wait until our first appointment on the 24th! 
  • I’m feelin all these comments. Is it nap time yet?
  • Literally so exhausted.
  • Yes!! It’s so bad! I typically drink a glass of wine a few nights a week to shut my brain up to go to sleep and I was so sad to see that go. But NOW I’m falling asleep like 2 hours earlier than my bedtime. 😂
    Everything wears me out! I really struggle if I have to be on my feet for hours. 
    I do remember this symptom getting better before though. ❤️❤️
  • So tired. I put my son to bed and I used to have some time to myself before I went to bed. Now I just get ready for bed with him and go to bed after he falls asleep 😴
  • I’m crying because I’m so happy I found this thread! But I’m always crying 😂 I keep telling my husband I feel like I’ve been drugged. I sleep 10 hours and wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at ALL. I think it’s making me more emotional too!
  • Yes!! Slept over 8 hours. Got a bit of work done, threw up, became exhausted again and took a nap for an hour and a half. Let me just say that is not like me at all!! I feel so lazy all the time!
  • I thought I was having bad exhaustion the last 3 weeks, but week 7 is a whole new level of kicking my butt! I’ve never been someone who can nap (unless I was sick), but I fell asleep for 20 min in a chair in a quiet room at work yesterday! I was both amazed and not refreshed at all, lol. The exhaustion also seems to be making me just loopy: laughed so much at a stupid IG reel last night I then proceeded to sob/laugh cry for about 10 min. Fiancé was highly amused by it! 
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    @puffling2023 oh man, my husband is so amused by me at this point and it sometimes makes me so angry. Only I’m also almost laughing at myself too sometimes. It’s a mess. I feel like with the first pregnancy he took it a lot more seriously and would be upset that I was upset, and now he doesn’t take me seriously at all. 😅 Which is probably better, as annoying as it is. When he starts to grin it helps me realize I’m not being myself and to not take my own emotions too seriously! 
  • @annemarie96 that’s good! my fiancé is pretty good about laughing at me just the right amount to get me out of my funk for a little bit. I know he hates that I feel like crap most of the time, but he tries his best to cheer me up! 
  • Yes, I am sooo sleepy, all the time. It stinks too with 4 kids I can’t take a nap whenever I want lol.
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