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Have you left baby overnight?

How old was your baby when you first left him or her overnight? We are considering a weekend out of town for my birthday in December. She will be a week shy of 1 year old. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around leaving her for two nights. She would be with my parents, whom she is very comfortable with. She’s our first baby so I have nothing to compare it to. Help! Thoughts?

Re: Have you left baby overnight?

  • Hello... I'm also a first time mom and cannot imagine leaving my baby overnight yet.

    It's good that she's comfortable with your parents, but I don't think I could leave our baby for even one night right now or even at 1 year.

    I think this is a personal decision though.
  • That's tough. I didn't do leave my daughter overnight until she was 2 because that was when I weaned her, but if she hadn't been breastfeeding, I think we would have tried to do a weekend away earlier. 
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  • I know this is a couple of months old and the planned trip has happened, but I’ve left my son with my parents three times. The first time was one night when he was about five months old. The second time was at Thanksgiving for two nights. Then my husband and I went to Las Vegas earlier this month and he stayed with my grandparents one night and my parents three nights. He was 8 months old.

    The biggest thing is keeping Baby on their schedule! I wrote out a schedule each time he stayed with them with red and blue activities. Red activities HAD to happen on the schedule, like wake time, nap times, bed time, and each bottle. Those are the most important. Blue activities had to happen, but could be wiggled on the schedule, like snack time, solid meal time, outdoor time. 

    I hope you took your trip. It’s very hard being away from your baby… I had a hard time but I also got to sleep really well and enjoy time with my husband. 
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