Pregnant after a Loss

Early Positive After Ectopic

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On August 8, I had surgery to remove my right tube after it ruptured due to ectopic pregnancy. It was extremely traumatic, as I had had different doctors jerking me around for days. So by the time I went to the ER for pain and bleeding the second time, it was too late for methotrexate. 

At my post op, the dr said I should expect my first period to be weird, but after that, we’re free to try again. 

And now, I’ve just gotten a faint positive pregnancy test at what I think is about 10dpo.  

The cycle before my ectopic, I had a chemical pregnancy. I had a blighted ovum/missed miscarriage with a D&C in January. So, as you can imagine, my anxiety is high. 

If you’ve got any hope to pass along, I’d really appreciate it!
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