2nd Trimester

Please help

Long story short.

Slept with my fling March 2nd 2021( did not finish) and got with my boyfriend shortly after.
I got a positive pregnancy test May 15th 2021 and went in for my first scan June 4, 2021 and I was measuring 8 weeks.
With a due date of January 15th.

Told my OB everything and she said no way it was march 2nd guy.

Fast forward - I had my baby early @ 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and I CAN NOT LET IT GO. My anxiety has gotten the best of me. I have all these what if's in my head.

Can someone please tell me I'm just in my head or what you would do in the situation? 

Re: Please help

  • My due date is January 19th. I know for a fact that I conceived on April 20th because that was the only day I got any action that month. So you should've gotten pregnant in April of 2021, which should set your mind at ease. 
  • Thank you SO MUCH <3 Also thank you for not judging or bashing me 
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  • You are so welcome ❤️ we all have things and life is messy... Some of the best things I have came from life's messier moments so no judgement here :)
  • If your baby is born you are able to easily get a paternity test but without semen in vagina there can be no fertilization from sex. I also agree that your dates are off unless you ovulated WAY late. Did you have a period in between there?
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  • I had one in march and im pretty sure I had one in april but I wasn't tracking!
  • If you’re that worried about it, take a paternity test. 
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