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Positive test after a miscarriage

Hey I’m a EDD mom of June 2023. I was very scared when I found out lastnight &’ this morning that I’m expecting. After a miscarriage in February 2022 , it’s very hard to think that you can possibly get pregnant again &’ y’all I’m SCARED AS ALL H*** lol but I’m spreading positivity abd good thoughts this time around and to guys as well. 

Biology i have a 7 year old and her sister who is 7 as well they are 6months apart ( I’m back with dad) and this time is different.  I’m praying that I make it healthy throughout this journey. 

Re: Positive test after a miscarriage

  • I'm with you!!! I miscarried in July and just found out were pregnant again just two months later. I'm trying not to let it scare me too much. But Man, it's tough! Sending you warm sticky baby thoughts ❤️
  • Same here! Just miscarried in August and had a positive this morning. Im totally shocked because we were not trying and now I’m terrified because it’s so soon.
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  • Miscarried in June here. And last March (2021). It’s definitely tough. 
    TTC History:
    Started dating DH 2006 . Married 2015

    TTC July 2015-November 2015
    BFP November 2015
    Baby boy born August 2016

    Oops BFP February 2021
    MMC March 2021

    Back on BC for a year to decide what we want to do.

    TTC Since March 2022
    MMC June 2022

    BFP September 2022 - Due June 2023!

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    Same here! I had a MMC in May 2021 and ended up having a couple of fibroid surgeries since a fibroid was protruding into my uterine cavity. Tested positive last week and we’re so anxious for our first ultrasound. So glad to know we’re not alone!
  • It’s so scary being in this predicament because you just never know. The constant testing and going to the bathroom to make sure their is no blood or anything. I’m taking vitamins to ensure nothing is gonna happen and I’m refraining from doing too much of anything. I’m praying for a healthy and safe pregnancy for you guys 💕❤️ but we have eachother when nobody else understands us 
  • It’s SO hard to enjoy a pregnancy after a miscarriage. I had my third in a row in July at 10.5 weeks with a tested, normal embryo. 

    I just had another embryo transfer on Tuesday and I already have a strong positive but I can barely be excited. I hope we all have smooth pregnancies. 
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    Right there with you mama! I had a pregnancy loss last month and found out TODAY I am pregnant. I am absolutely terrified but also so excited - there is literally nothing I have ever wanted more in my life ❤️ Here’s to all the sweet, healthy rainbow babies in our bellies!!!🌈
  • This is my fourth? pregnancy after loss. I had a MMC with a D&C in January, a chemical in June, and an ectopic that took my right tube in July. I want so badly for this one to stick, but do g have high hopes because I’m afraid of getting hurt again. 
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