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HCG Levels

Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing (or has experienced) low rising HCG levels - but has had a normal pregnancy? I had my first blood test on the 22nd of this month, which had a B-HCG level of 47.0, then a second on the 24th with a level of 65.0 and my third one yesterday which had a level of 148.0. My doctor has said that he'd rather see that number rising more but won't know anything more until my first scan on the 7th of October.

I've been reading a lot about slow rising HCG but there's so much conflicting info out there. I'm really anxious that something isn't right.

Re: HCG Levels

  • I'm wondering the same thing. The conflicting information is making me go crazy. And the fact that everyone's numbers are so different.
    5w2d 2979
    5w4d 4170
    Everything I read online says anything under 6000 sound be doubling every 24 hours! I don't have an ultrasound till Oct 11.

    How far along are you?


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