Parenting a infant and toddler! There’s no book on this

I have a 7 week old son and a two year old daughter. I am all over the place. I don’t have a schedule although I’m trying to get one down. With my husband working through the morning to afternoon I have the two all to myself but I feel like my toddler is under stimulated and my infant is overstimulated. What do I do? How do I go out? How do I get time for myself? How do I escape the mom guilt? What activities can I do that involve both my kids?

Re: Parenting a infant and toddler! There’s no book on this

  • Following because I will be in this boat in about 3 months. 
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    You can consider hiring a nanny
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  • Hi!! I hope you are doing great with your two babies, how did everything worked out?
    I am about to be on the same situation as I am pregnant with my second baby and my older will be 21 months when the baby is born, I nurse to sleep and do a lot of contact naps and I'm really nervous of how to make it work. Is there any kind of advice anyone can provide here?
  • I will be in the same boat soon. The advice I’ve had from other moms is to try and get baby #2 on the same schedule as your toddler (ex. Bed time, and nap). If daycare or a nanny is possible for your toddler I highly suggest it! If not are there family or friends that would be able to take your toddler for walks/play time? If babies are on the same schedule Can your partner put them to bed so you can have time off? The more help you have is not only good for you but for your children. They will become used to being away from mom which will help with separation anxiety.

    Another piece of advice I got if you are breast feeding was to teach baby to breast feed in a baby carrier so they can eat and you can be hands free. I’m sure this is something a lactation consultant or YouTube could help with!

    I know it’s easier to say than to do but be patient. Seek out help- highly recommend if you haven’t checked her out yet. Also asking your pediatrician for advice regarding activities to do with both would be helpful!

    Hope you are able to find your rhythm and have some time for yourself ❤️
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    We all go through this boat especially if the time gap between them is small but it all passes... You really want to keep some me-time for yourself and to read a lot about that phase to be aware of its opportunities and its obstacles.
    Several months ago this article was recommended to me and I really benefit from it, so I hope it may help and support you like me
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    and please if you have similar articles just pass to me
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