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18 Weeks Pregnant

18 weeks Dilemma Who Father Of Child (Help)

PLEASE DONT JUDGE!! Im very worried who might be the father of my child and not feeling my pregnancy need help who possible can be the father

LMP: Saturday 21st May 2022

Ovulation: 4th or 5th June 2022

Due Date: 25th February 2022

Dating scan : on Wed 17th August 2022 I was 12 weeks + 4 days obestrictian said.

Guy 1: on the morning of Sunday 29th May 2022 ( 8 days after my last cycle)

Guy 2: Sunday 5th June 2022 - 16 June 2022

Took pregnancy test : 22nd June ( clear blue 2 weeks + postive)

My cycle is regular every 28 - 29 days and I also have polycystic ovary, which I only found out on my dating scan when I was 12 weeks pregnant

Any help, on who likely the father of my baby is guy 1 or guy 2

Re: 18 weeks Dilemma Who Father Of Child (Help)

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