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Weekly Check In 9/26

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GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition?

Re: Weekly Check In 9/26

  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 3/20 15wks
    FTM/STM/TTM+: baby #7
    Baby is the size of a(n): small box of crayons? 
    Team blue/pink/green: we found out today that we are team BLUE! 7 boys!! AHHH! 😍💙
    Upcoming Appointments: next midwife appt is 10/19
    How are you feeling?: I *think* I'm finally starting to turn the corner. Smells haven't been automatically making me puke and I've added a couple more things that I can eat! Still tired, frequently nauseous, and bad headaches. 
    Rants/Raves: Rant- I feel like I just can't get rid of these headaches and of course it just makes everything else feel worse too. 
    Rave- I'm so dang excited that we officially confirmed it's a boy!! I truly love being a boy mom and had a feeling it was this entire pregnancy!! Not looking forward to all the negative comments but I'm stoked nonetheless! 
    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? We always like to take the boys to the pumpkin patch and corn maze which is always fun! Also apple cider, smores, and bonfires! Buut we are in Texas so it's nowhere near feeling like fall yet. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
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  • @nopegoat congrats on the boy! Very exciting and other people need to keep their mouths shut 😊

    @disneybaby23 I'm getting some round ligament pain. I have an appointment booked with my chiropractor to help with it. 

    @heytallmama H and I are watching it. We finished E4 the other day. Possibly watch 5 tonight. I keep seeing spoilers boo lol

    EDD / Weeks + Days: March 19 15w1d


    Baby is the size of a(n): orange

    Team blue/pink/green: Girl! 

    Upcoming Appointments: MW next month 

    How are you feeling?: Good overall. Still getting headaches but they aren't as bad most days. 

    Rants/Raves: Rave: worked out today for the first time in about a month. Rant: my work is doing a good truck and I probably won't be able to join because I'll have to pick up D2 from DC. 

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Fall walks. We don't really have any traditions. 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days:  18 weeks! - Feb 27


    Baby is the size of a(n): sweet potato/disposable camera

    Team blue/pink/green: finding out at the anatomy scan

    Upcoming Appointments: Oct 11 is our anatomy US

    How are you feeling?: SO TIRED. We had covid all last week and I am shocked at how quickly I tire out/lose breath. However 18 weeks feels really exciting to me... I woke up really excited about it.

    Rants/Raves: Rant - I've missed 2 of my prenatal fitness classes because of covid fatigue and it mostly bugs me because I paid for them. Rave - we chose our doula today!! We did a zoom call interview and I love her already. She got our sense of humour and seems caring in a way I really appreciate. So I feel super relieved about that!

    Questions: Um, I can't think of any. Just in a good headspace today.

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Getting to wear fall colours, going for walks with lattes along the seawall

    @disneybaby23 so much round ligament pain this week. I blame how much I've been lying down since I was sick, but I've been noticing it a lot.
  • @Wishilivedinflorida a night guard, even if you make your own from a sports mouth guard can help the teeth grinding pain a bit. -signed someone who cracks through the professionally made dental ones within a week of getting them. 

    EDD / Weeks + Days: 16+6


    Baby is the size of a(n): newborn hat!

    Team blue/pink/green: blue! Found out that ks to the NIPT

    Upcoming Appointments: Friday with OB, routine. Passed my glucose tolerance test today! I had an early one either because of my weight or bc I needed the 3 hour one last time. Can't remember but whatever I passed! Give me all the bday cake tomorrow!

    How are you feeling?: Fine. Severe aversions to any meat except chicken. 

    Rants/Raves: rants: meat is appalling to me currently and I'm borderline anemic 🙃  the idea of eating as many beans, etc I will need to replace the iron from meat has me feeling gassy already 🤣🤣
    Raves: I can have my cake and eat it too!  Also, unrelated, I got a trustworthy babysitter that lives nearby, is CPR trained, knows my kid, etc! I trust very few people to watch him so this is a huge step. 

    Questions: if you took an early glucose test in a pregnancy and passed, did you have to repeat it at 28ish week

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Pumpkin show! My H's hometown puts on a huge festival each year. 
    July 4th
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: March 7. 16 weeks,6 days


    Baby is the size of a(n): Hard taco shell 🥹

    Team blue/pink/green: Either

    Upcoming Appointments: OB check up on the 14th, then anatomy the following week. I was suppose to have an appointment at 18 weeks, but my dr schedule didn’t work with mine, so we pushed it out for 19 weeks. After my first appointment they said I could see any Dr that fit my schedule(if mine was full) so I’m not sure why the receptionist didn’t offer other times throughout the week 🤷🏼‍♀️

    How are you feeling?: Tired, hungry and achy. Nothing has really changed. 

    Rant- I’m pretty sure my cold from a few weeks ago is turning into a sinus infection. I’m not really surprised since I have a deviated septum, and are prone to them.🥲

    Also, summer is trying to come back this week, with 85 degree weather for a few days. I’m ready for cold/comfy weather!

    Questions: What shoes have you STM+ worn towards the end of your pregnancy? I’m on my feet all day, so I’m thinking something like slip on tennis shoes.

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? 

    PSL, bonfires, going to pumpkin patches! I prefer the cold weather 😂
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: March 8; 16w5d


    Baby is the size of a(n): avocado

    Team blue/pink/green: blue 

    Upcoming Appointments: October 24 for anatomy scan. I had to reschedule it due to my original appt being scheduled during parent teacher conferences.

    How are you feeling?: tired but good

    Rants/Raves: it’s been beautiful fall weather finally and we did all the fall things this weekend with our toddler 🍁🍎🎃

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Going to a college football game at least once, going to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch, and planning Halloween costumes!
  • @shorty-sar definitely slip on tennis shoes. My absolute favorite shoes that I have 3 pairs of are the adidas cloudfoam and they just slip on and are so comfy and light. I’ve already been wearing them to school even when my clothes don’t call for tennis shoes 🤣
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 14 weeks 3 days


    Baby is the size of a(n): peach

    Team blue/pink/green: not sure! Finding out after I finally get NIPT actually done.

    Upcoming Appointments: ugh. I need to schedule NIPT but there has been some confusion over a new California law passed around it and long story short, I have to wait to get my Dr's paperwork in the mail to schedule the appointment.

    How are you feeling?: I still throw up (before eating) every morning and I get nauseous, but definitely not constantly like it was. And mainly if I don't eat on a regular enough basis.

    Rants/Raves: Hmm... I guess my rant is that I still feel gross, my rave is that my toddler has either been getting "easier" lately (like actually sometimes listening and following directions lately) or I've just gotten used to his shenanigans and know how to beat him at his tricks. Also, I love how he sings to himself before he goes to sleep.

    Questions: NATM

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Hmm. Halloween is really fun on our street. We haven't gotten it together yet at our house, but people go all out and decorate. Unfortunately the family at one house that used to be a really good decorator moved away, so that won't be there this year. Still don't know what I or my toddler (or husband for that matter) will be for Halloween this year.
  • @firecracker_mama my midwife told me I’ll be doing the glucose test again at 28 weeks even though I passed the 3 hr one a few weeks ago. I was really close on the last one so I’m mentally preparing to fail the 28 weeks one. Everyone on my moms side gets GD or is borderline. 

    @mamahosch I’ll have to check out the adidas.
  • gravcassgravcass member
    edited September 2022
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 14 +3


    Baby is the size of a(n): House Mouse

    Team blue/pink/green: US tech is Like 95% certain boy 

    Upcoming Appointments: natm. 

    How are you feeling?: miserable. Woke up in the middle of the night with a UTI. Scheduled an e-visit with my doctor. I get them so damn easily and it's miserable every time.

    Rants/Raves: rant: UTIs suck and I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. 

    Rave: we told my daughter over the weekend and she was sooooo sweet and excited. Really disappointed that it's going to be a boy but I think she will come around. She keept feeding me things saying that she was feeding the baby and laughing lol 

    Questions: anyone go through just weird bouts of sadness? It's not extreeme,, the feeling just catches me off guard and I'm usually fine after half an hour or so. Just comes out of nowhere. I didn't have this with my first that I remember. 

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Took my daughter apple picking last weekend:) we also have a farm nearby that sets up bouncy slides and kids activities you can use for free (we always end up getting a pumpkin while we are there too)
  • @gravcass I have generalized anxiety disorder, and a history of depression, so take this input on your question with a grain of salt: Yes, I get those bouts too. Mostly when I feeling overwhelmed and like my brain can’t settle down and I can’t get my body to do anything. Nothing is wrong per se, but I usually need a day to just be a lump to give myself time to settle. Sounds a bit different than what you experience, but thought I’d share in case it helped! 
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 18w/ Feb 28

    FTM/STM/TTM+: baby #4

    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: pink! 

    Upcoming Appointments: ultrasound & midwife in a few weeks 

    How are you feeling?: still struggling with nausea & headaches. I was hoping this would be done by now! 

    Rants/Raves: I thought about Christmas yesterday for the first time and it’s too early and I don’t want fall. Bring more summer! 


    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? We like to get at least one fall hike in. We also hit up the local pumpkin patch but it’s a bit underwhelming. 
  • @disneybaby23 yep! Lots of cramps, RLP, and sciatica already here.

    @miss_lynn9 thank you! So far everyone has been quite positive thankfully! Only one comment that my hubs should hang out near a nuclear power plant to fry some of swimmers so we can get that girl. 😏😅

    @firecracker_mama yes! As you get further along in your pregnancy, hormones and placenta function increase which means the chances for GD developing later, even though you tested negative early, are increased. This is why most are screened around 28wks unless you have a history of GD or other higher risk factors. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: March 14, 16 weeks


    Baby is the size of a(n): avocado

    Team blue/pink/green: pink

    Upcoming Appointments: October 12 though I’m supposed to do blood work before the 

    How are you feeling?: I have a cold currently and I’m frustrated because I was just finally feeling better. But it’s not so bad so it will likely be over soon. Also been getting weekly headaches.

    Rants/Raves: My son is getting a little award for Kindergarten this week and I’m so proud of him. He’s always been a high energy spazzy kid so I was worried about how he’d do. Apparently I didn’t need to at all. 

    Questions: Anyone feel movement at all yet?? 

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? I’m so ready for soup and homemade bread. I love fall but I don’t have a specific favorite. I don’t like pumpkin spice though 😅
  • heytallmamaheytallmama member
    edited September 2022
    @TortugaAzul congrats for your little dude! That’s so exciting! 

    So, funny you ask about movement: I’ll be 17 weeks on Thurs and was like “why the frick haven’t I felt her yet, I thought STMs feel them move sooner!” At my midwife appt, during the Doppler they pointed out when the noise changed that was the sound of her moving and were like “that was it! Did you feel it?! There it was again- how about then?!” and I was able to place the movement with the noise once which was so cool! They assured me it’s likely that I’ll start feeling her sooner than later…now I’m obsessively trying to lay still and see if I can catch movements 😂 Are you feeling baby yet??
  • shorty-sarshorty-sar member
    edited September 2022
    @TortugaAzul I thought I felt something a few time last week at 16 weeks. One of the times my 1 year old lab barked loudly(and high pitched) at my other lab and right after she did that, I felt a little twinge down low. My lab did it again and the twinge happened again. I’d like to think the baby was kicking me because the dog was bothering it, but I know it’s probably a coincidence. 😂
  • @TortugaAzul ultrasound confirmed that I have anterior placenta again this pregnancy so I haven't felt hardly anything at all yet.
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @TortugaAzul I felt some movement a couple of times. Once was while I was driving, other than that, it's while laying completely still really focusing on it. 
  • @firecracker_mama I wake up with the night guards on the floor. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And I should clarify mine is more of a clenching than grinding, so the guards don’t do much anyway. 😭 Day three of awful neck and head pain here. I so wish I could take my muscle relaxer. 

    I have only felt a suspicious gas bubble or two right over where I know baby is located. My placenta is somewhat anterior which is new for me and typically I feel stuff around 15-16 weeks so I’m hoping in the coming weeks it’s more apparent but won’t hold my breath if it takes longer this time. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida when I had an anterior placenta I was closer to 20 weeks when I started feeling movement. I kind of think I have anterior again since I’m not feeling much at this point again. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida I could swear I feel movement on my left side every so often. It's probably all in my head though cause I'm only 14 weeks and have an anterior placenta as well 🤣😅
  • @shorty-sar I thought I felt something a few times the other evening. The next day nothing at all so I panicked instead of assuming maybe it wasn’t what I thought. The next morning I felt it again and then anytime I am laying down I feel little flutters! So maybe I’m not crazy after all. 😂
  • EDD / Weeks + Days:  17 weeks 3 days

    FTM/STM/TTM+: first time mom 

    Baby is the size of a(n): folding pair of sunglasses

    Team blue/pink/green: hoped to be green but the suspense is killing us so we will be finding out and getting our fave baker to bake a bunch of cupcakes to surprise us and our family. Our family doesn’t know we are finding out lol. 

    Upcoming Appointments: Oct 13 anatomy scan and hopefully be able to find gender! 

    How are you feeling?: sick again as usual. Sore throat and headache this time. I’ve never in my life been so damn sick. 

    Rants/Raves: rant- always sick 
    rave- feeling movements more regularly. It makes all of the crappy stuff so much worth it. 

    Questions: what do you do to stay healthy while pregnant? I take my prenatal every day (have for the last 4 years), drink a tonne of water and eat as healthy as I can. I’m at a loss. I work with tiny humans but I’ve only worked 4 shifts this entire month. 

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Where I live in Canada, it basically just rains and is miserable so I’ve not looked forward to fall lol but I do enjoy a good horror movie. 
  • missmuisqmissmuisq member
    edited September 2022
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 18 weeks!


    Baby is the size of a(n): Artichoke

    Team blue/pink/green: Finding out in a month

    Upcoming Appointments: Next week
    How are you feeling?: Great, impatient to feel movement

    Rants/Raves: Rant: My gym buddy is insanely busy for the next few months, and I'm pretty unmotivated to go by myself. Rave: That same gym buddy (also American) lent me an unopened container of allspice (apparently impossible to find here, at least ground) for making fall treats!

    Questions: natm

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? I have to admit I have a weakness for candy corn. When my (Colombian) husband tried it a few years ago at my insistence, he immediately spit it out, finding it sickeningly sweet. That's when I realized how vile that stuff really is ... but I can't help it. Once a year, I just have to gobble it up (when I'm lucky enough to be in the US around that time).
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: March 7 - 17w/2d


    Baby is the size of a(n): pomegranate 

    Team blue/pink/green: Blue

    Upcoming Appointments: US on October 20!

    How are you feeling?: Gross! A little better in the second trimester but not by much. 

    Rants: Second trimester is still hard! Still waiting to feel baby.
    Raves: Celebrated my Grammy’s 95 birthday with her earlier this month. That was really special! We’re doing an early baby shower in December ahead of holidays/everyone getting sick so I’ve been immersed in working on the registry! 🥰

    Questions: Anyone have tips for dealing with near constant heartburn? I’m already having to sleep upright. Tums does nothing. I’ve given up caffeine and garlic already. Famotidine is the only thing that works but I don’t want to take it often. 

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition? Everything! Fall is my favorite season, especially here in New England. Apple picking is a fun time - I’ve already been twice!  
  • @excitedforpiscesbaby I have chronic GERD and my OB said if I need to start a daily pepcid at anytime I have the green light. If that doesn’t work they may approve Prilosec. So far I have only needed Tums as needed. 🤞🏻
  • @babymac4321 also take prenatals, and other vitamins and herbs recommended by my Naturopath. Exercise, meditation, sleep, food, baths. Taking a me day today that includes a pedicure, massage, and some take out that I rarely get. It's not just about the body, but also about the mind and the soul. 
  • @disneybaby23 same here. I've been steadily getting more crampy.
    @nopegoat congrats on the boy! I think it's so weird how people can have an opinion on the sex of your babies, as if you had a choice? I have 2 girls and I would LOVE to have another. I love being a girl mom. But everyone always asks if I'm hoping to "finally" have a boy.
    @heytallmama Me! I watched 3 whole episodes before getting DH into it and now he has to watch it with me and since he's in bed on Sunday at 8PM I now get to be a week behind every week. I'm still enjoying the memes after each episode, though. Team Green or Team Black?

    EDD / Weeks + Days: 3/14, 16 weeks


    Baby is the size of a(n): Dill pickle I think

    Team blue/pink/green: Green!

    Upcoming Appointments: prenatal appointment on Oct. 4 and anatomy scan on Halloween. I can't believe we're already at anatomy scan time!

    How are you feeling?: Still feeling crappy. Dealing with food aversions and headaches. And I have this nasty taste in my mouth I just can't get rid of.


    Rant: if my kids bring home one more illness from school, I will lose my mind. It's been a straight month of having one illness or another and they always spread it to me. First it was Covid then as soon as we recovered from that, DD#1 spread another cold to both me and her sister. I'm so over being sick.

    Rave: on the subject of movement, I felt the baby move for certain for the first time about a week ago and since then I've been been feeling baby move for a few minutes each day. I had an anterior placenta with DD#2 and didn't start to feel her until after 20 weeks so I'm really happy to feel this baby. It's been wonderful for my PGAL anxiety.

    GTKY: What's your favorite fall activity/treat/tradition?
    Literally everything fall related, I love. It's my happy time. 

    Ladybug - April 2013
    Dandelion - October 2018
    Angel "Aurora" - July 2020
    Angel "Sawyer" - May 2021
    Angel "Maxine" - January 2022
    Angel "Violet" - March 2022
    Baby Dove due March 2023
  • @mytrueloves I keep falling asleep mid-episode so we have to watch in chunks 😂 Team black, though! (That’s Rhyneara, right??) You?
  • @missmuisq oh man! Candy corn is not good. I find it funny that people either love it or hate it. I hate it but heard people also love it when they eat it with peanuts. 
    July 4th
  • I'm on team love candy corn, I never get it though cause no one else eats it lol
  • @heytallmama yep! and I'm definitely team Black too!
    Ladybug - April 2013
    Dandelion - October 2018
    Angel "Aurora" - July 2020
    Angel "Sawyer" - May 2021
    Angel "Maxine" - January 2022
    Angel "Violet" - March 2022
    Baby Dove due March 2023
  • @gravcass Woohoo, Team Candy Corn all the way! And no else to share the bag with would be all the more reason for me to buy some, heh.
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