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FFFC: 9/23 Edition

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  • It has been a very long week and after a very crummy night of sleep, my brain is just not on focus mode. So until then, I am more interested in doing literally anything else than the work on my to-do list. With a day with no meetings, it somehow makes it harder for me to actually buckle down and get stuff done. 
  • I've had way more caffeine than recommended. It's Friday, I haven't slept well in three nights and going up and down a ladder drowsy is not feeling ok. I need the boost. 
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  • @gravcass I am not typically a pumpkin spice kinda gal, but I just got pumpkin spiced whipped cream for my coffee and OH man. It's delightful. 

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    I'm exhausted and not feeling well at all so I totally fed my kids popcorn and apples for lunch and have given them free reign of the TV today. Zero regrets. 
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • We got sick again and my kids have definitely had way too much video game/TV time this week. The beginning of the week was rainy and cold but the weather is fine now and they’re feeling better but I still have no energy to deal with them. 
  • Also, I introduced my 5yo to Lord of the Rings this week. He loved it and I’m only feeling slightly guilty over how violent it is 😅
  • I’m sick with another flu (that means 2 flus and 1 horrible round of covid in the last 14 weeks). I’m debating switching jobs from my job working with kids since they’re the ones making me sick lol. I would honestly rather work at a gas station or something else like that that doesn’t require me to be around only kids all day every day. 
    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with kids for the most part but my preference is the highschool but as a casual, I can’t specify where I go 😩 I’m just so tired of being so sick so much. Also since I’ve had the flu twice I don’t think I’ll bother with the flu shot. But who knows. Hope everyone has a great weekend. 
  • Sounds like everyone is in the same boat here 😂 I also had a horrible sleep last night and therefore got a migraine all day today. Lots of TV time for the kiddos and sitting with my hand over my eyes for me. 
  • I had sushi last week. I just wanted it so badly and decided since I’m in the second trimester it would be fine. It was delicious. 
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