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Amal Mira

Hi, what do you think about Amal Mira?

Amal pronounced Ah-ma-al (rhymes with Ah-pal)

Big sister is Astrid Maren. Last name starts with J.

We weren’t purposely going for AMJ initials for both, it just so happened that these were names we agreed upon and thought went well together.

Thanks! Other suggestions welcomed.

Re: Amal Mira

  • 00kim0000kim00 member
    edited September 2022
    My main question is what is your ethnicity? What country do you live in? If your child is White/European, a name that has such a strong association with the mideast/India will be side-eyed and may cause problems. In this time of increasing awareness of white privilege and the harms we've done to others, I would suggest avoiding names that can be seen as cultural appropriation. It is a topic that is just beginning to come into general knowledge, but by the time this child is in middle school or high school, carrying a name from a minority or disenfranchised culture will associate her with racism. On the flip side, if that is your ethnic and cultural background, that's great to embrace it with the name. It can celebrate her cultural background while also being a name that's easy to pronounce and spell, and isn't likely to be made fun of*. Also, if you live in an area of the world where that is a common name for children, where you may be of a minority group, that may also be acceptable.

    *ETA: now that I've glanced at it a couple of times in passing on my browser tab, I can easily see people misreading it as "anal", so the potential for being made fun of is there.
  • mbjack84mbjack84 Newbie
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  • I like Amal if the baby is of middle eastern descent and think of Amal Clooney. But I don't think I would want the siblings to have the same 3 initials.
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