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Subchorionic hematoma diag. at 22 wks

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Already was considered high risk due to age, IVF pregnancy, and a couple other small factors but now facing another troubling issue-
During my 20 week anatomy scan, the tech and doctor saw something "weird" with my placenta and sent me to a specialist for a followup (cue the anxiety!) I saw them at 22 weeks (I'm currently 23 weeks), and they said I have a medium sized SCH near/on my placenta. I have another US with the specialist scheduled in a couple weeks from now to see if it has grown or changed in any way. My placenta is also low-lying so they're monitoring that.  I haven't had any real symptoms (no bleeding or cramping) so idk how long it's been there without us knowing. I've heard of these more commonly being found in first trimester, not so much this late in the pregnancy.
Anyone else with similar experience?
I think the worry is regarding potential placental abruption, but I don't really know what I'm truly dealing with here. Trying really hard to keep my anxiety down until the next appt and we know more....

Re: Subchorionic hematoma diag. at 22 wks

  • koz1234koz1234 Newbie
    Hi there - just wondering how this turned out for you? I’m 22+5 and dealing with the same thing right now. Appt with MFM next week.
  • I had SCH through out my second pregnancy. Bled heavily the entire time I now have a healthy and happy 10 month old :) 
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