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Hey, not been on here for a while, endured my MC end of May and I had it in my head I'd be expecting again already, it has taken me a good 2 months to get back into my cycle, using the flo app (just the free version) I'd bought ovulation tests and going by the app I tested myself in the afternoon on the day the app told me I was at peak however the test came back that no LH was detected, I've kinda freaked out slightly and now worrying that this means i am not ovulating and therefore probably missed my chance at having a child with my fiance! As much as I want a baby I don't want to get into the way where TTC takes over and we lose the enjoyment of it all! 

I fell really quickly so I guess am just assuming I would have been really quick again but it's not happening yet, how do these ovulation tests work? If I don't get a positive test is there any point in TTC that night (if that makes sense) 


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  • If you've only tested once, you may have missed ovulation, or you may not have ovulated yet, there's no way to tell with just one test. Read the instructions - they tell you to start testing several (up to 10, more if you're irregular) days before you expect to ovulate and test daily. When you first detect the surge, the best chances are that day and the previous 3 days. The next day might work as well, but don't wait if you can help it. Once you surge, you ovulate in the next 24 hours, and the egg leaves your body pretty quickly if it's not fertilized (within a day). Sperm, on the other hand, can live in you for 5 days, so having some hanging around when you ovulate gives them the chance to catch the egg. So if you keep testing and detect a surge today or tomorrow, yesterday would've been a really good time to BD. 

  • Adding here that a surge does not guarantee ovulation and it can take many months after a miscarriage to become “normal” again and it may be a “new normal.” I would suggest temping if you want to know if you are truly ovulating or not. This and US are the only ways to know for sure. Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the comments ❤️ I really didn't want to become obsessed with this but I think for next month I will stock up on ovulation kits and see how that goes and then opt for temping if am not successful that way. 
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