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Flu shot ? Thoughts ?

What is everyone’s thoughts on getting the flu shot? I’m on the fence . 

Re: Flu shot ? Thoughts ?

  • I was up in the air about it because I normally don’t get it. But I am getting mine today, it seems that the one this year is actually pretty accurate. My husband got his yesterday too to help out baby and I. Normally my immune system is good but it makes sense that I am now immune compromised. Hopefully this one doesn’t make me as sick like they normally do 🤞
  • Our family already gets it every year so we'll still be getting it this year. Having the flu while pregnant super sucks.
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  • I usually try and see the initial results of if they predicted it right or not, and make a call from there. I got the flu when I was 38w with my second kid, and if SUCKED. I honestly was concerned it would put me into labour. 
  • I got mine last week and my husband did too. We were a little tired after we got it and came home for a nap but that was about it. My cousin freaked me out about getting the flu while pregnant so I was really adamant about getting a flu shot this year. 
  • Getting mine and the covid booster at my appt next week! 
  • Got Covid booster Wednesday and waiting for flu shots to arrive at work. It’s so convenient not to have to make a separate appointment and just show up and roll up my sleeve. 

    I had the worst possible experience with flu in my second pregnancy that I won’t recant here. But yeah, I take it super seriously in addition to having a vaccine requirement at work. 
  • Getting mine soon! Trying to figure out the ideal time for a COVID booster to give the baby the most antibodies when born. 
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  • As far as I know, I'm still mandated to get it even pregnant with my Navy Reserve stuff. I had it with my last one too.  
  • I won't be getting the flu shot. I got some herb suggestions from my naturopath for helping prevent sickness and helping to get through it faster. 
  • Absolutely. I get it every year.
  • I’m also on the fence since I’ve had the flu twice and a head cold twice as well as cover once since becoming pregnant. Each time I’ve gotten the flu shot I’ve gotten the worst flu ever so I don’t know if it’s worth it. Either way I’m taking a risk. I’m working in the school district until ideally early January. 
  • I never get the flu shot but my husband and I did get it last week, immediately after I got a cold that I am still suffering. Maybe just a coincidence but I used to get sick every time I would get the flu shot. I feel it is better than taking my chances while being immune compromised though. Definitely thought about and researched for weeks before making my decision though. 
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