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Miscarried and TTC while breastfeeding

Hi everyone. In 2020 I had a partial molar pregnancy, so I had to get a DNC to remove it. I was breastfeeding at that time and had no gotten my period for over a year and then got pregnant.. I feel like it is partly because of BF. Then I got pregnant had a baby and now I’m breastfeeding that baby: however I got pregnant during breastfeeding and it turned out to be a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy. Does anyone see that it might be from breastfeeding? Is this possible and did this happen to any of you? Can I TTC again after this miscarriage? What do I need to do?

Re: Miscarried and TTC while breastfeeding

  • In general, it seems that nursing while pregnant is generally considered to be safe, though there is one study out there showing an increased risk of miscarriage if the child is exclusively breastfed (not yet eating any complimentary foods, so probably younger than 6 month or so). However, it really doesn't matter what applies to the general population, and what research shows is likely... Your body may be telling you something different. Two miscarriages while breastfeeding would certainly make me cautious, though it may just be a coincidence. I'd suggest talking to your doctor, they may want to measure your hormone levels, or advise that you wait to wean to TTC. If you do get pregnant again while breastfeeding, I'd definitely call the doctor and get your hormone levels checked, something as simple as progesterone supplements may be able to prevent another miscarriage if your hormones are not where they should be.
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