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Low platelets-100K. Anyone else?

This is my second pregnancy with low platelets-first one got down to 69K before delivery at 36 weeks and 4 days earlier it was 96. They dropped fast! I’m only 28 weeks now and am 104K. Has anyone else had this? What happened? I’m waiting to hear back from the doctor to see what they want to do.

Re: Low platelets-100K. Anyone else?

  • Hi! 
    This is my first pregnancy but just wanted to say my platelets are also 100, and I’m also 28 weeks!

    they notice them start dropping about 6 weeks ago, but they’ve stayed stable at 100 for the last 3 weeks.

    I was told the biggest issue with dropping platelets is your ability to have an epidural or spinal block if they get too low. So they like to watch them and will offer treatment (steroids or platelet infusion before birth)  if the go low incase you want/ need those interventions. 
  • I have generally low platelets (under 150). Last pregnancy, my platelets were 119 at birth. This time my platelets were already at 109 at 26 weeks. I’m expecting to need to have a consult with the anesthesiologist to discuss options and find out when an epidural wouldn’t be allowed. 
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  • Yes this is also my second pregnancy with low platelets. After my first child I was diagnosed with itp. My platelet count is currently 71. With my my first I got IV steroids. I wasn’t able to have an epidural. I was told that a platelet count less than 100 is the reason why I couldn’t have the epidural. This time I’m not on any steroids but my doctors are constantly monitoring my platelet levels. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and the highest my levels have been were 88.
  • @knottie6a15e00b0594c35c when did you have the steroids and what was it like!

    I’ll be 34 weeks on Tuesday and I just found out my platelets are 56 and continue to drop.  I find out about the treatment plan tomorrow but I know unless my platelets are above 80 on the day of birth that rules out epidural for me.  I’m curious if anyone took oral steroids for platelets in previous pregnancies and how it made them feel!  
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