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Maternity Clothes Discussion

Having not been pregnant for over 4 years I am woefully in need of updated recommendations for maternity/nursing clothing. A lot has changed since last time and there aren’t as many physical stores carrying maternity clothes. I figured I can’t be the only one, so can we talk about good brands/places to go? Good websites? Amazon finds? Ladies who have more recently had babies, please help!

For starters, is Kindred Bravely still held in high regard? They were all the rage a few years back. While the stuff arrived soft and nice, they did not hold up to much washing (shrunk terribly and pilled). I’m looking for comfy stuff post birth too that won’t break the bank. 

Re: Maternity Clothes Discussion

  • I only bought KB bras and underwear and I loved them at first but they didn't last.

    When I was pregnant in 2019, I got all my clothes from a store in the mall that was shutting down. I think it was motherhood maternity. I don't have any complaints about them. 

    I have some clothes from gap. I have a dress that's very baggy and never wore outside of the house. I did wear it to and from the hospital for birth and I still wear it around the house. It's so comfy. I also have a pair of their jeans. I couldn't wear them when I got super big because the panel was too tight. They are also falling apart and won't last a second pregnancy.

    I have a pair of pants from stork and babe and holy the are sooooo comfortable. They're blue, like a nice work pant. They are still in perfect condition and will last this pregnancy no problem. The issue is that I can't find that brand anymore haha. 

    Sorry not the most helpful 😅
  • I got bras from KB that are great but started pilling with the first wash. I got a bra and maternity jeggings and leggings from Motherhood Maternity and they all fit nicely! The bra held up in the wash. The pants I don’t know about because it’s been too hot to wear them yet. I also got a nursing dress from Latched Mama - they have one style that is made from cotton and has pockets. It fits very well and looks gorgeous. I’m wearing for the first time tomorrow so I’m not sure how it will hold up in the wash, but the fabric seems sturdy so I have high hopes!
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  • I just ordered a couple pairs of jeans from Motherhood online and some tops and leggings from Old Navy. I spent less than $200 so I’m happy. I may have to buy more but at least I have enough clothes to not have to do laundry every other day. I have some of my old stuff but it’s…well loved. 

    Be careful to anyone buying from Motherhood…I noticed some of their items are listed as not eligible for return/exchange. 

    I will have to check out Latched Mama. I did a lot of car nursing when my last March baby during the summer and I really don’t have that option while chasing two other littles. I need some nursing friendly attire! 

    I am probably going to check out Kohls this week in person but I don’t have high hopes. Anything I bought before didn’t hold up well. I believe JCP has a Motherhood section so I may look at that as well. I hate not having many physical stores anymore!! It’s not like there’s a sudden shortage of pregnant women needing to shop 🙄
  • I hate the lack of in person stores. I belive JCP took out their in store pregnancy options and only have online now. Thinking I might try Amazon's try before you buy options. I have two pairs of pants I got from Target that I hate already. Got a pair of maternity sweats from goodwill that I LOVE though 
  • @gravcass Noooo I hope that’s not true about every JCP. Amazons try before buy is a great idea! I went through target the other day and everything is incredibly cheap feeling and ugly. I saw stitch fix does maternity so I may try that in a month or two. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Since I’ve never bought maternity clothes before, I’m unsure which maternity brands are trustworthy. Plus, I’m hoping not to spend tons and tons of money. But since I stopped fitting into my pants about a month ago, I’ve been forced try to find a few things for work. I bought a Bella Band, but I personally still feel uncomfortable and insecure wearing it - maybe that’s something to be used when there’s more of a bump? I also bought two pairs of maternity leggings from Kohl’s. They were reasonably priced and they’re comfortable, but I feel like they are a bit sheer, so I’ve only worn them with a dress or a really long shirt.

    I did find one piece at Target that I actually really like. It’s the Tie-Waist Maternity Dress by Isabel Maternity. The waist is very adjustable, so I can tighten it to fit me now with my small bump, and I should hopefully be able to wear it for the duration of pregnancy and after as well. The versatility of the design really appeals to me!

    I also live up north, so if any moms have any advice for winter maternity wear, I’m all ears! I’m sure I’ll have to buy some maternity pants, but kind of hoping I won’t have to shell out for a new winter coat.
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    I’m a pretty casual dresser anyhow, so my plan is to stick with my typical cardigan/ button ups (and wear them open) and then just get maternity base layers. I’m not interested in spending a ton of money and I feel like most mat wear ends up looking frumpy on me. I admire the gals that can get all gussied up in cute maternity wear! 

    I did find a pair of maternity jeans and black pants to wear (old navy) when I can’t rely on leggings, but since it’ll be fall and winter for this pregnancy, I’m going full-cozy 🎉
  • I got some maternity clothes from Stitch Fix.  Target also has a section. I also used Motherhood Maternity online last time. (You get a bottle everytime you order and those are the bottles we ended up using last time, ;) ). I also already had a lot of flowy dresses what worked really well (Lularoe) that I will be using again. I didn't buy nearly as much as I anticipated. Mostly pants - less shirts.
  • My favorite place to order maternity clothes from was Pink Blush Maternity. Especially if you’re a working mom they have cute “boutique” style clothing! Their dresses are also super cute if you plan on having a baby shower or need to go to an event and they’re not super expensive either.
  • Yesterday, I went to Macy’s to check out their section. They only had Seraphine in the store which was a bummer because online they had a ton of other brands. I didn’t care for a lot of their stuff, but I did buy a few things. I got three dresses (two black for work, and one cute red floral dress that I can wear out), and two pairs of joggers. The joggers are actually fantastic, and they came as a set! I can also wear the black pair to work, so it’ll be nice to have something cozy to wear.
  • I still shop at Target, Old Navy, and Motherhood Maternity. Target is the only one that has options in store, but I've bought enough of the other two to know my size. Some of the Motherhood stuff I get on Poshmark, because it's so dang expensive new.
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    I've gotten things off Poshmark but not maternity. I should try that. 

    I wish they had better second hand maternity options. I'm very clothes conscious and it's difficult for me to buy clothes I know I will only wear for a couple months and aren't eco friendly. 
  • The quality in most stores have gone down so much. I used to buy from old navy and motherhood maternity with my first few pregnancies and it just doesn't hold up anymore.

    I try to use my regular wardrobe as much as possible because I'm cheap. Old fat jeans with the rubberband trick and and belly band. I usually wear a cardigan of some sort to cover any lumps or any accidental pant roll downs or something. My husband's t-shirts. Yoga pants for home rolled down under my belly. I also invested in some tunic style shirts in larger sizes through my pregnancies which covers the belly.

    Not my first choice by any means, but I have gotten some maternity shirts off of Amazon that have lasted a while. 

    Peauty Maternity Shirt Side Ruched Tops Pregnancy Top Plus Size

    KUCI Maternity Nursing Tank Top, Women Maternity Cami Nursing Sleep Bra Breastfeeding Tops for Pregnancy
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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Overall I’m super pleased with my Motherhood and ON purchases. I pulled out my old maternity clothes from DS and realized I had more than I thought so I may be able to return some. My favorite piece is this super comfy and thick nursing hoodie from ON that I think will fit through pregnancy and be forgiving postpartum. 

  • @Wishilivedinflorida Ok can you help me understand nursing hoodies? Do they just like unzip and then you move your boob to the side? Like what happens there? Or is it just hard to see in the pic how much it unzips? 

    I’ve decided I’m going full cardigan for maternity wear. I just bought a bunch of cute non maternity ones, and figure they’ll be easy to wear with the base layers and while I’m on video for work it’ll look professional waist up, even wearing leggings. I did have to wear jeans for the first time in ages today and had to rock the hair tie trick. I forgot how easily zippers fall when the button isn’t done 😬
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    Does anyone else hesitate to move into maternity clothes? It feels too early (12.5 weeks with baby #2). We haven't even announced yet! But I'm definitely rocking the hair tie trick, unbuttoning in the car, and changing into athletic shorts as soon as I get home because nothing is comfortable anymore. 
  • @noxacanthus I put it off my first pregnancy and was so uncomfortable and would cry about not having bras. H convinced me to go out and buy things because the stress and feeling uncomfortable doesn't help anyone. It was night and day so this pregnancy I didn't hesitate. I started wearing maternity jeans a couple weeks ago (around 12 weeks) I'm going to search for my tops this weekend because my wardrobe that fits it's getting very small already lol
  • So far I’ve gotten clothes from Target and Walmart. Walmart had some shorts that I absolutely love, but their jeggings are not that great. If they made the belly band the same as the shorts(thin, stretchy, and a small band) then they might be okay. I bought them because I needed pants. 

    From Target, I bought some leggings(can’t remember the name, but I think it was Isabel something) and oh do I love them.😂 I live in leggings for work, so I’m pretty picky about them. So far they’re not see-through, which is always my biggest concern. 

    I did buy some maternity Zella leggings from Nordstroms, but had to return them because the sizing was off. That brand is normally comfy, so I might try again. My SIL bought some maternity scrubs that are joggers, so I bought a pair and they would be perfect if they were the next size up! They didn’t look like scrubs at all, rather an athletic pant…which is what I like!
  • @heytallmama So it fits differently than the picture but basically yes you unzip the side zipper and kind of squish the material over to your nipple. There’s more room up front than that pic suggests. I think they made it to look not like an obvious nursing top. Even if it’s not ideal for nursing I’m keeping it! And I’m on team cardigan as well. I got several after my pregnancy with DS to wear postpartum and some are still in ok shape. I’ll probably look for a few new ones this winter and don’t mind spending more because I’ll get my usual size and just wear maternity tees underneath. 
  • I just ordered from Motherhood and was super disappointed in their leggings. They are super see through and it what I want. I’m going to head to ON and see if I can do better. 
  • @Wishilivedinflorida thank you for explaining! I have pretty small boobs, even pregnant and logistics of that hoodie had me like 🤨

    oh I’m also obsessed with robes for post-partum. Nursing tank + leggings + fun robe, and I suddenly feel relatively human! 

    @noxacanthus I hear you! I’m 15.5 weeks, and I feel it’s slightly to soon for me/my bump to bust out full maternity wear, but honestly dress how your body needs to feel comfortable and if you’re able to go out and buy new items that get you there- it’s not too early! If I already weren’t a flowy shirt kinda gal, I’d for sure be hitting up mat wear!
  • I had no idea where to order from, so when an ad from Pink Blush appeared on my instagram feed, I figured what the heck. I ordered 3 pairs of jeans, a few tops and a couple dresses. Everything seems good. I had to order ‘professional’ clothes for work as well which seems like it may be a struggle. I’ve just hit 14 weeks and there’s no way I can fit in my old jeans any longer, I tried lol. 
    I bought a few ‘bralettes’ from H&M but still find myself jamming back into old bras for work. 
    I ordered from tank tops and tights from BLANQI which seem like excellent quality but still a bit big for me

    how much will our feet swell?!? I stand all day for work and don’t know if I should just switch to runners?

  • @teijatucker I was able to wear all my shoes throughout my entire pregnancy last time. But I know some people's feet swell a lot. 

    I realized this morning that I'm going to need a winter maternity jacket. I was able to get awake with not having one my first pregnancy but I'll actually be playing outside this winter now that I have a toddler. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a lot of money and I'll most likely be buying second hand so that will determine what I get unless I can find something spec
  • @burr1371 I just got a pair of maternity leggings from old navy and they are not stretchy at all. The tops I got for layering are and I’m so confused why the leggings wouldn’t be.. 

    Also, question for everyone. Is it worth it to get maternity underwear? I never did before but I feel much more uncomfortable this time. 
  • @TortugaAzul I bought the kindred bravely postpartum recovery underwear and wore those throughout pregnancy. I loved them but they didn't last. The lace started coming off and they got holes. I'm going to look for another brand. I think they are worth it. 
  • I just scored 9 maternity pants and 6 maternity tops from a woman who has a 6 month old! So that means I’m having my baby around the same time she had hers. So she has a huge wardrobe of maternity clothes that she’s going to slowly sell and I asked if she could send them to me first and I’ll let her know. But we are similar size so it’s amazing. Such a huge score. Where I live in Canada (west coast) we have 6 actual maternity stores within a 9 hour radius! And even online with old navy I’m not finding much. It’s crazy. 
  • Just ordered some stuff from Old Navy. I bought a three tees, two tanks, and a pair of pants from Target, but ended up only keeping the tees. And I'm still searching for shorts...
  • @TortugaAzul I tried the ON leggings and was surprised by that as well. I’ll probably have to size up if I go with more from them for later on when my legs start retaining water. At least they aren’t transparent? Not my favorite item but they were cheap. I might try some from Amazon. 
  • Not maternity but the leggings by Aerie are my favorite. They have plenty of stretch, no see through, and have pockets. If my belly exceeds this size, I will def just buy next size up to see how they fit! 
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