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Anyone else completely struggling with exercise? I exercised regularly (5 times a week and mainly weight training) prior to pregnancy. During the first trimester I did nothing because I felt so awful all of the time. I recently started back up again and it has been the biggest struggle. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to immediately jump right back into where I was but I did not expect it to be this hard.

Re: Exercising

  • Me!! I feel this so hard! I am a cross fitter and truly enjoy working out. I pretty much did zero the first 10-11 weeks out of pure exhaustion and feeling like crap. I’ve been trying to get back into it these last few weeks but it’s hard!! I already feel so out of shape but trying to push through because I know it’s best for me and baby. My thought process is something is better than nothing these days, even a walk with one of the dogs makes me feel better than nothing. I keep reminding myself how good I feel when it’s over!
  • I am a runner and typically ran about 20 miles a week pre pregnancy. I was only running one or two days a week for very short intervals in my first trimester out of exhaustion as well. With more energy I wanted to do more but I am in the same boat! I’ve noticed I can push through a longer or faster run but can barely walk around and keep my eyes open in the evening.. I’m 15 weeks and hoping this gets better. I gained 75 pounds in my first pregnancy with no exercise and am already gaining to fast without my normal exercise routine. Following to see if you ladies notice any improvements or have any tips in the next few weeks 😊
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  • Working out today for the first time in about 8 weeks 😭
  • I have always been a runner and lifted weights regularly .. during my first trimester I did nothing and I gained like 7lbs … I’m finally feeling human and I try to run 3 miles every other day and then lift weights 30-45 minutes with two active rest days .. I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and I haven’t gained anymore weight .. I have really tried to keep my diet clean and high protein … this is my second pregnancy and my first I gained about 50 lbs and I am really aiming for about 30 lbs this pregnancy 🙏🏻❤️
  • My last pregnancy, I started back up my 5x week workouts at 18 weeks and stopped the day before I gave birth. I really think it helped me feel better and have an amazing labor and delivery, even if it wasn't super strenuous workouts. I just did what I could and listened to my body's cues. I'm 18 weeks now and about to start back up. This time I might only do 20 minute workouts instead of 30 because I'm still feeling my body dragging a little.
  • I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and still go to the gym 5-6 days a week, and stick with my routine as much as I can.. obviously I may have to change things once I get further along but as long as I still feel good my OB told me to stick to what I’m doing. 
  • I’m 18 weeks and in the same boat as you all, first trimester was a total wash due to nausea but second I’ve been trying. I’ll have a good week with 5 days of 30 min-1hr efforts but then a week with 2-3 days. I’ve noticed that no matter what I do I need to nap afterwards, but my appetite is so voracious right now I feel obligated to keep trying. I gained close to 10 lbs by week 12 doing nothing and eating only carbs and now baby wants nothing but chocolate and ice cream 😂
    Running has been the activity that feels the best (most productive) but I’m holding at least 1-2 min/mile slower than normal. Yoga and swimming make me feel like I’m huge 😂  but they’re very relaxing. 

    Question- anyone know of a good belly support band for running?
  • @ebmn2022 following as well! 
  • My first pregnancy I was running about 20 miles a week until about 6mo preg- after that it honestly hurt to run. 

    Seven years later and my routines are SO different. I’ve been recovering from a back injury so running has been off the table for a long while, but 2-3mile walks have been my jam. I’m finally getting energy back and nausea has dissipated so once all this fucking rain stops, I’m looking forward to doing more walks again! 
  • I also took about a month break in the first trimester and am started back up last week at 15 weeks. I was having a lot of pain exercising during my last pregnancy and it scared me so I stopped. This time I got a personal trainer that specializes in pregnancy and PP. I have 3 strength days and 1 pelvic floor & core day. 

    I'm currently struggling finding time to workout. Prior to pregnancy, I was doing 4am workouts. I can't do that anymore. I'm trying to rush home after work and fitting in 30-40 minutes before picking up D2 from DC but a lot of days I have things to do. And I'm way too exhausted in the evenings. 
  • @miss_lynn9 Gosh I am so exhausted in the evenings too. 

    Well my SPD just kicked in in time for me to want to exercise. Great. My friend suggested I get a pool pass for the remainder of my pregnancy and try that, so that’s what I’ll do. I can’t really do much high impact stuff besides walking. I am going to start back lifting at least upper body. I can’t wait to have jacked arms and puny legs!! 🤣

    I guess I’ll just have to rush to the gym and get my swim in while I can some evenings before the exhaustion kicks in. 
  • Once again 5:00 came and went and I was still in bed. One of these days I'll get up and actually workout...
  • I was using Mel Robins 5 second rule for a bit to get my ass out of bed in the mornings. I used it again to workout the other day after work. I'm surprised at how well it actually works. If you need a push, I suggest reading her book, or looking up her Ted talk on it. 
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    For those that can't do place-based workouts (if i have to leave my home to go to a gym, it's not happening) - I've really enjoyed Obé for streaming workouts. It's like $25/month and there are SO many classes to choose from. I like the 10min workouts, strength training, dance hiit... plus if you have littles, they do kids workouts, too! That's been fun to do with my daughter so I can still do a workout and have her involved.

    Also - I've done BeachBody and hated those and Obé is not like that at all. Just a collection of really good workouts, the trainers are super chill and motivating, and the music is great! One of the ones did a Broadway Divas set and I was so happy haha
  • I’ve been doing prenatal yoga with my pregnancy teacher buddy/classroom neighbor every Sunday night. It’s been so nice but we’re now on a break until November for the next session. I may do some of my own until then - I have an app on my phone from my last pregnancy for it.
  • @mamahosch what app do you use? 
  • I’m taking my dogs on 2 mile walks every day, doing yoga 2-3x / wk, and swimming 3-4x / week. Starting to put weight and resistance training into the mix as well. 
    It’s hard to swim. At 16-17 weeks I’m starting to have that “might be pregnant but not for sure” look and it really mentally kills me… but swimming laps really kicks my butt so I’m trying to focus on that instead. 
  • @miss_lynn9 it’s called Prenatal Yoga Down Dog. It was free when I was pregnant in 2020 with my son so idk if it’s still free or paid since I haven’t used it since 🤣
  • I just started Brianna battles last week now that I have more energy and time. I really enjoy it so far. 
  • I am still working out, and doing a program on YouTube.. modifying a lot but still working out. 
  • @k_keyser1996 - What program are you doing?
  • @marebear her name is Sydney Cummings and her one program she has she rocked it through her pregnancy. 
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