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GTKY- SO edition

-How did you and your SO meet?
-What does your SO do for a living? 
-What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? 
Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
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Re: GTKY- SO edition

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  • How did you and your SO meet?
    We met at a dance party that our mutual friend invited us to. I was DD, but still letting loose and dancing like no one was watching. He came up and started dancing with me.
    -What does your SO do for a living? 
    He's a data scientist for a company that tracks and predicts electrical grid data.
    -What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? Athleticism, intelligence, especially math-wise, cooking ability.
  • @mamahosch I thought for sure that all our kids would look just like my H because he has slightly darker/more olive skin and has brown eyes and I have very fair skin and blue/green eyes. So far we have 3 that take after him and 3 that take after me. I can't wait to see who this one takes after. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Agreed, everyone's stories are so sweet!

    -How did you and your SO meet? We met at a social event (dinner and then a dance party) organized through Couchsurfing. We first saw each other across the room on the dance floor – he had this really attractive energy and looked so happy and comfortable in his own skin. Later, several people went a few blocks away to a salsa club and I joined them, hoping that that "cute guy" would go too. He showed up later and, knowing it was now or never, I summoned up the courage to talk to him at the bar. He was living in a different city at the time and only coming back to Bogotá (where he's from and where I was living) once a month. We started chatting on Skype and seeing each other once a month, started dating, and then he got a new job and moved back to Bogotá shortly afterwards. We've been together for eight years now and married for 5.5.

    -What does your SO do for a living? He's a chemical engineer who works as a process engineer and natural gas specialist in the oil and gas industry (lots of calculations and modeling for things like pipelines and facilities). He's been WFH since 2020. 

    -What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? His work ethic, affinity for math/science/technology, gentle spirit, easygoing nature, innate curiosity, well-roundedness, love of music, and, of course, his fluent Spanish :smiley:
  • -How did you and your SO meet? I’d been doing a ton of online dating with no luck, so I decided to bite the bullet and pay for Match. My mom around that time told me she could see me with a high school English teacher, so I decided to just date teachers. Four months later, this cute guy sent me the nicest message and when I looked at his job it was a high school Latin teacher! We met up for our first date at a dog park. His dog Molly (now our dog) and I recognized each other (she was in his profile pic) and she ran across the field to greet me before running back to play. Then I went and found my SO. It was the first date of my life where I wanted it to keep going! So we took Molly home and went out to dinner! We were “official” a few weeks after that, and a few months later we were already planning future baby names! 

    -What does your SO do for a living? Still a HS Latin teacher, although he’s gotten really into woodworking and keeps saying he wants to start a side business so we’ll see!

    -What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? Physically, his 20/20 vision, his complete lack of body odor (he has the gene that makes his sweat not stinky), and his ability to eat anything. Personality, his love of learning and making!
  •  How did you and your SO meet?
    One of my college friends/roommates was dating a guy and wanted me to have a boyfriend too. She showed me one of her sister’s boyfriend’s friends on Facebook and said we’d get along since our personalities are similar. I declined since I was still healing from a serious and emotionally abusive relationship. A few months later her sister got engaged to her BF, and started planning the wedding. My friend wanted me at the wedding, but was dating the same guy as before and her sister said she couldn’t have two guests. And the only way I could be invited to the wedding was if I was a date of a groomsman. So, my friend talked me into coming to the wedding and letting her set me up with a groomsman. Her sister suggested a guy, and it ended up being the Facebook guy. She gave me his number and we started talking. We met in person at a little local bar with our mutual friends in tow, and then the rest is history. He lived in a little mountain town, about 45 min-1h south of the Canadian border, so we had to talk via FB messenger since the town only had landlines and WiFi access, and we did long distance for about 3 years. Luckily his parents live close to my college and he stayed with them every other weekend since he had to travel to a bigger city for his apprenticeship classes. I would visit him whenever he was in town, and would go up to the mountain town in the spring and summer since it was 3 hrs from my college town. A year after we met, we went to the wedding and my friend(who had stopped talking to me after she graduated 🤷🏼‍♀️) didn’t have a date. The wedding was definitely awkward, but I knew a lot of people there on the grooms side, including my future in laws. We have been together for 6 1/2 years and married for 2. 

    -What does your SO do for a living? 
    He works for the State. He is a state road maintenance worker, so he plows the state roads in the winters, sets up detours when there’s an accident and does road work the rest of the year. When we first met, he worked for a company that trimmed trees for the PUD. Now he does tree trimming as a side job.

    -What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? 
    Physically, his dark hair and his height. My hair is a light brown, dirty blonde(but bright blonde highlights in the summer) and a few strands of dark red, so it’s hard to say what color it is. Hopefully this baby will have his dark brown hair, or at least a single shade 😂. I’m also short and he’s about 6’0, so I hope the baby will be somewhat tall or at least average height😂. My BIL and FIL are 6’4ish, so there’s a chance the baby could be taller than dad. 

    Personality wise, I hope the baby gets his need for adventure and fearlessness. Not a lot seems to phase him, but he’s  also cautious when something doesn’t seem right. When he lived in the mountain town, he would go hiking by himself, and not follow a trail. He always found his way back home, but it still scared me! 
  • -How did you and your SO meet?
    we were living in the same residence at university, and spun in the same friend groups for 5 years. He went away in 4th year to Germany and we reconnected just after Christmas in our last year of school. We dated for 3 years and have been married for 5! 
    -What does your SO do for a living? 
    He’s a systems engineer, mostly working in pharmaceutical plants to set up & maintain their manufacturing processes. 
    -What do you wish this LO gets from your SO (either physically or personality wise)? 
    Physically, his eyes. My son got his beautiful blue eyes and I looooove it. 
    Personality wise, he is so driven and down to do anything. He doesn’t see any task as “beneath him” and doesn’t want to move up the corporate ladder without doing some “real” work first. His work ethic is amazing. 
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