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*TW* Fatal birth defects

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After posting my ultrasound earlier, I got a call from my midwife advising me they possibly found that my baby has exencephaly.Exencephaly means that the skull cap didn't form, so the baby is incompatible with life outside of the uterus.

We are getting a second opinion with a specialist. I did feel something was wrong when I saw the ultrasound pictures. Mother's intuition. I have a feeling this is 100% something that is going to take my baby's life.

After ttc for 6 years and conceiving naturally, this news is absolutely devastating. I have been active here so I did just want to let you guys know. I will be stepping back from here for a while until we have the second opinion. I will update even if it is bad news.

We are going into this with low expectations but high hopes. I appreciate every single one of you on here, I have loved our journey together.


Re: *TW* Fatal birth defects

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