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UO Thursday 9/8

What are your unpopular opinions this week? 

Re: UO Thursday 9/8

  • I’ll go. Having been around two BMBs, I think too much board organization restricts the community. Not saying it should be the wild Wild West, but I'm not against all one-offs. In my first BMB, people shut down a quad mom (!) who tried to make her own post and she left the board. 
    DD #1: April 2017
    DD #2: May 2020
    Baby #3: EDD May 2023; MC October 2022

  • @catem07 I agree with you to an extent. Coming from TTGP where one-offs are strictly forbidden, BMBs are a different atmosphere (this is my second one). Plus, I'm an Ennegram Type 1 Virgo, so I'm a notorious rule-follower :p
    I'm glad people are posting on the thread that asked about HCG levels. I've never been in that boat myself, so I would have never considered that as a popular discussion topic. I think for open-ended questions where multiple people could relate (moms of multiples, being engaged and pregnant, HCG levels), we can refrain from redirecting those. 
    What does everyone else think?
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  • The one offs don’t really bother me. If it doesn’t apply, I just don’t answer. What DOES bother me is the “unread”, so I just click on it and move on, but that’s my own issue LOL 
  • @hestia-is-wearie Agree! I think you're also more likely to get drive-bys who never engage with the community on TTGP. I think the way the OP for the engaged one posed the question is fine--she wanted to know if other people were in the same boat, she wasn't presenting the question as if she was a special snowflake who deserved her own thread, you know? 

    DD #1: April 2017
    DD #2: May 2020
    Baby #3: EDD May 2023; MC October 2022

  • @catem07 Yes! I agree with this. I'll be honest... I read all the rules and a couple of threads on a TTC forum right when I started trying. It felt unwelcoming ("Some women have been here for years, so know your place " kind of vibe.) I was turned off from even attempting to engage. 

    @hestia-is-wearie I also identify as a rule follower. 😆 I have seen people list their enneagram type.. I need to look into this to find out what type I am. Haha
  • @cait32 Completely, 100% understandable. I definitely did not stick around TTGP boards long enough to appreciate the structure. I like organization and grouping like things. It it can be so hard to feel like you're building relationships from scratch, or even know where to start when there are 1 million topics and little response, as you described. 
  • @catem07 hey! Can you guys share where the abbreviations page is again? I googled but can’t find what BMB and TTGP means 😕 
  • @swmama27 Go to the "Read this First" thread! There is a bunch of helpful info including a link to the abbreviations page. But for now, BMB is birth month board and TTGP is trying to get pregnant.
  • @abjm0325 okay thank you! I double checked there but didn’t see it. Appreciate it!
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