Pregnant after a Loss

HCG Concerns

I had a miscarriage in May and found out I was pregnant again about 3-4 weeks ago. My first appointment isn’t until 9/15 so to say I am on edge is an understatement.

Due to my last miscarriage, I am a little extra nervous. I requested they check my HCG levels the other day.

The results were:

9/1 - 62,495
9/3 - 66,274

I was breathing a little easier once I read over my results online. I should be 7/8 weeks pregnant now. I thought the increase was positive even though it was significant. The DR called me today & told me she isn’t happy with what the levels are at and ordered an ultrasound for Friday. It’s at the hospital so they won’t tell me what they actually see or don’t until the next week and my nerves are shot. 😢

I have been tired, sore boobs, the usual symptoms. No negative signs so far..


Previous results when I had my miscarriage:

HCG levels were low and dropping with each blood test.

5/20 - 4,572
5/23 - 4,720
5/28 - 3,532

Praying everything is okay and that we are just proceeding with extra caution. Anyone have similar experiences?
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