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Working with fatigue and nausea

Hi everyone!
So I’m after some advice…. Im only 6 weeks pregnant but have been soooo unbelievably tired and now the nausea has kicked in really bad.
The issue is that it’s making it extremely difficult to focus at work, or even muster the energy to get through a whole day (I’m working M-F, 32 hrs a week).
It’s too early to tell work, I haven’t even told my family yet, but I can’t imagine going through the next few weeks feeling like this :(
For those of you who have gone through this…what did you do?! TIA xx

Re: Working with fatigue and nausea

  • I don't have any advice -- I'm only 4 wks along myself without any real symptoms but I am wondering how I'm going to make it through work if I get some of the more common symptoms in the coming weeks! 
  • I’m 10wks tomorrow and work full time too. It’s really been awful. I did start Diclegis (B6 and unisom) and take two every night before bed. It has taken the edge off but I certainly don’t feel good. If I didn’t start it, I honestly think I would have had to take a medical leave. I fortunately have an office so lay on my floor between things, even for 6min if I can. I eat constantly. And I ended up telling my parents and in-laws by 6 weeks. We have two other little ones at home so they have been taking turns staying with us to help with meals and bath and bedtime and day care drop offs. With my first two pregnancies I experienced relief at 15 weeks and am just praying for that. So sorry mama. You’re not alone. It’s truly awful. I also found a friend I can trust and vent to. You want to be happy to be having a baby but it is really hard to enjoy when you feel so miserable, and constantly!
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  • I told work early—just my boss, whom I trust—because I needed coverage while I was puking. Literally called him and said, “I need the afternoon off because the morning sickness is really bad.” He laughed and said, “So that’s how you announce your pregnancy?” It was a funny moment—but also necessary to my having air cover when sick or fatigued. I’m glad I just kind of “ripped the bandaid off” in telling him because it took the pressure off in many ways.
  • I am 11 weeks now and told my work pretty soon after I found out I was pregnant (which was about week 5). I was working 40 hours a week at a plant nursery in the hot sun, on my feet all day, no air conditioning, and I went from being super woman literally never stopping to take breaks to being a slug and can barley walk at a decent pace and wanting to pass out after an hour of work.

    Grateful I told work because now I work 30 hours a week (which is honestly even too much for me) and have had many days where I am late or have to even call in sick some days because I worked too hard and could not muster up any energy for work. 

    Do what is best for you! I also told my family as soon as I found out because I would want their support no matter what happened, plus I could not imagine doing this alone!
  • Drinking cold ginger tea and ginger Altoona helped me a bit. They make acupressure bands for nausea and if it gets really bad talk to your doc about meds. As for the fatigue there’s not a whole lot you can do. You’re allowed up to 2 cups of coffee per day and perhaps you need to plan an afternoon walk or something to get your blood going to help wake you up.
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  • Things work differently for different people. I tried everything below and it didn’t work. I started drinking a few sips of Gatorade daily and it helped me out.
  • Was in the same boat- ended up telling boss at 5 weeks - he was very gracious and understanding.

    ate ginger chews, drank lots of water, napped in my car during lunch.
  • Congratulations first of all! I’m 8 weeks pregnant. My job already knows, because I was going through IVF. But I heard acupuncture bands help some people. I talked with a woman today that said peppermint mints from Trader Joe’s helped her. I have been taking a ginger shot every day. It seems to help a bit. I had two women tell me sprite helped them.

    As for the energy, rather a lack of lol. I haven’t found much that helps. Just making sure I’m eating small meals frequently, so I’m not extra sluggish due to low blood sugar. Even if it’s a piece of fruit. If you find a remedy, hook a girl up 🤣
  • I haven’t told work but my symptoms have made it more difficult. Luckily I work from home.  Mornings are tough with the nausea. Ginger tea and saltines have been my savior. 
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