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Anyone else missing work due to difficulty in the first trimester?

I am about 10 weeks pregnant, first time mom, and I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks of pregnancy. I work outside in the hot summer sun all day doing hard labor taking care of nursery plants. I have to take breaks constantly and even when I do the inside facility has no air conditioning. I eat plenty of healthy snacks and drink 3-6 liters of water just while at work but my body feels like it is constantly collapsing.

A few weeks ago I had to cut my 8 hour days to 6 hour days and even then there are days where I either can’t finish out the day because I am so exhausted I about pass out or I miss a day because I worked so hard the other days that my body just gives out on me.

I feel so guilty that I keep missing days, today I could not even go to work because of some panic attacks (for the first time) and every time I tried to walk out the door I just broke down, it seemed like my body was telling me to take it easy today.

My boss has been very kind about this but I feel like a failure because I can’t seem to ‘suck it up’ as many other woman seem to do. Is there anyone that can relate?

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    Hi @foxofmoore welcome to the March 2023 BMB we're glad to have you here! 

    We generally discourage one off posts like this because it can be hard to keep track when the board is full of threads. We have weekly and monthly threads and this question would fit perfectly in our weekly randoms. 

    Please read the board organization thread for all the info 😊

Re: Anyone else missing work due to difficulty in the first trimester?

  • Hi. I feel this on Every level. I've been at my job going on 7 years as a cashier at a super busy grocery store. I feel so nauseous and sick through my whole shift & today I could not take it. I told my boss I want to quit, which is something I should've thought about before speaking. He said he'll cut down my hours instead of just quitting. I feel like a failure also, because I put so much time an effort into this job. I'm just sooo over it. I will be going back and try taking it easy :( 

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  • @miss_lynn9 thank you and my apologies! I definitely did not read all the rules very well. Would you like me to scratch this post and post is elsewhere?
  • @foxofmoore more people will answer your question if you post it in one of the main threads.
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