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What are you eating? September

Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
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Re: What are you eating? September

  • Totally feeling this Lucy gif tonight. It was a looong day and neither my husband nor I felt like cooking. I convinced him to go get us Whataburger because their blue cheese burger has been on my mind a lot lately. Yea. No. Half a bite was all I could handle. Couldn't even eat the fries. 😔 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • @nopegoat boooo that's disappointing. I have no idea what Whataburger is but it's so disappointing when you want something so bad and can't eat it. 

    I find my food adversions are the worst around lunch. I make something for dinner and it's absolutely delicious but when I go to eat it for lunch the next day, I want to vomit. Smoothies and salads have been my lunch wants. 
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  • butternut squash soup and pickled asparagus and been good. Everything else has just been making me so sick. I enjoy it while I eat it but soon after I feel like I’m going to puke. 
  • I am I am finally able to eat some foods again, not much but slowly getting over this morning sickness 
  • @nopegoat omg Whataburger 🤤 we don’t have them in the Midwest but on our trips to Destin it’s our first stop!!!
  • All the savory foods. Rice beans chicken, salsa cheese, bread. I actually had ice cream for the first time in a while last night. I haven't wanted sweet in so long.
  • @miss_lynn9 leftovers are also the worst for me. I can't do it (makes my 4 year old question why she has to eat them too :unamused:)
  • You guys are making me hungry! 

    @nopegoat Whataburger - I haven’t thought about that in forever - none here in Cali. Haven’t been since like 2015 for a wedding in TX. Sorry it didn’t pan out. Always so disappointing. Had my own version of that yesterday with an ice cream shop I really wanted to go to. We drove all the way there and I only had one bite before I pushed it away. Then I had a full on hormonal emotional breakdown in the store because I couldn’t eat it. The employees must have thought my husband was being mean to me or something. Now idk if we can show our faces there again. 

    @babymac4321 Butternut squash soup sounds so good too! 

    @miss_lynn9 I’ve been having the opposite. Everything at lunch is delicious but dinner all I can do right now is buttered noodles or some rice. Nighttime food aversions hit hard for me this last week. 
  • Well, I am trying to eat healthy! Baby loves fruits & vegetables for the most part. I do love a big crunchy salad. And I am loving beef this go around! However, I tend to splurge once a week on an Arby’s baked potato and chicken tenders… I also eat a ton of pasta! Probably not the best options for baby? But my weakness is pasta smothered in cheese. I eat a meal like that 2-3 times a week. 
  • Apples are a daily favorite. Just had my first sweet potato since getting preggy and am in love! Also have to have french fries at least twice a week :lol:

  • Welp, I’m still on a diet of 50 shades of beige! This is my lunch - golden tofu and a baked potato with vegan cream cheese. Vegetables are a huge turn off, but I am able to eat fruit, so I’ll probably have an apple and peanut butter for a snack later. 
  • Bagles with cream cheese and then tomatoes with fresh Mozzarella drizzled with balsamic vinegar have been the only consistent things I can eat. 

    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Oatmeal with almond butter for breakfast has been a life saver! I started eating that around week 6 or 7, and it definitely helped my nausea when I woke up. I still eat it for breakfast, because cereal doesn’t stick with me and eggs are still a big turn off.😅 I’m able to eat most foods, but chicken has to have some sort of sauce on it(like stir fry, teriyaki or orange) and peanut butter is a turn off🥲. I have been craving Thai food recently, and the closest one is an hour away. 😭
  • Nothing!! I don’t feel like eating anything! I force myself to eat cereal. All I want to eat is a cold cut combo footling from subway. I DREAM about it
  • Nothing!! I don’t feel like eating anything! I force myself to eat cereal. All I want to eat is a cold cut combo footling from subway. I DREAM about it
    This (deli meat) was one of the few things I didn’t eat during my first pregnancy. When I had my daughter and learned there was a Subway in the hospital—I ate an italian BMT all four days I was there. It was incredible 😂
  • I really followed the deli meat thing first pregnancy and then there were all these listeria notifications about ice cream and cantaloupe. I eat it when I feel like it now, which has been a lot this week. 🤣 My work has these really good turkey sandwiches. 🤤
  • @Wishilivedinflorida That’s why I avoided it first go around too! This time I’m definitely eating deli meat. Not a ton though- raw or cold meat has been an aversion for me to handle/touch — the smell or sight or both? But if someone hands me a delicious sandwich? NOM. 
  • I have been having meat aversions. I'm ok with chicken breast but nothing that could potentially have grissle, anything weird, etc in it. No processed meat 🤮 I just can't do it.
    July 4th
  • my morning sickness has gone away, and I’ve been eating non stop it seems.. it seems I’m always hungry. So to answer the question anything I can find I’ve been eating it.. 
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