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Hi everyone,
I’m almost 11 weeks and I began spotting yesterday . It’s not heavy at all, but it’s a light tan/ pink color. I’m praying nothing is wrong. I have all my pregnancy symptoms with no cramping or abdominal pain. Has anyone else gone through this ? 
TIA bumpies !! Xo 

Re: Spotting?

  • I had spotting around week 8 for a full week and on and off spotting the week after. I am currently 10 weeks and now only get spotting when I have intercourse with my husband and from what I understand that is normal!

    Baby is perfectly healthy and from what the doc says, spotting naturally occurs because our cervix is extra sensitive in pregnancy and we have more blood running to that area. Turns out my grandma had some spotting in her pregnancy too so seems to be normal as long as it is not heavy bleeding!
  • Thanks foxofmoore! You’ve put my fears to rest. 
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  • My pleasure, it is easy to worry about every little thing. I find something new to obsess about each week but have to discipline myself to stay off google lol. I wish you and your baby the best! :)
  • Okay I’m almost 12 weeks and we had sex Saturday, and I started having mild bleeding around 2am. I called my OB and she said everything should be fine. I also work at a vet clinic so I have access to an ultrasound so I saw baby moving and the heartbeat. 
    My question is how soon after sex did you experience spotting? I’m mostly worried because I have a miscarriage last year and I didn’t have any cramping or pain for a few days. And it start out as light spotting. Granted I wasn’t this far along but the PTSD is real
  • @buckaroo1622 I think the longest time after sex (cause it is rarely ever immediate) was 6-8 hours I spotted. It does not last very long for me after sex and is normally just a little pink. I did however have spotting for an extended period of time around week 8 and 9 with brown and pink spotting. I am going on week 11 now and spotting is only after rowdy time with the hubby and not every time either, it really depends on how intense the session is lol.
  • Okay that makes me feel better. Cause the last few times I didn’t bleed but we changed positions this time so I think it was more intense. I just found it a little odd that it was late morning on Saturday that we had sex and I didn’t spot until last night into this morning. 
  • I would still just keep in check with your OB and note when the spotting occurred and how often it does occur. It could be other factors too, what my OB said is that our cervix is super sensitive with a lot of blood flow so even something like a strained bowel movement could cause spotting. I would keep an eye on it, but my OB said unless I fill a pad worth of blood that I should not worry.
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