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Private Ultrasounds?

Anyone pay for a private ultrasound just to ease your worries and calm your anxiety? I’m 9w4d and do not see my OBGYN until 11 weeks which is just hearing the heartbeat and there is no ultrasound until 12-14 weeks. They won’t even schedule one until I reach 11 weeks. Just seeing what everyone’s take on private ultrasounds or at home Doppler to hear the heartbeat?

Re: Private Ultrasounds?

  • @bpee2 at 9 weeks you may not be able to hear baby's heart beat with a doppler. I would probably go somewhere for a private ultrasound, that's such a long time to wait, I can't imagine. Or if you don't care for your doctor, you could look into other doctors who will see you sooner. My doctor got me in for my first appointment at 7 weeks and my ultrasound is scheduled for 9 weeks
  • I might schedule one this weekend, I had a confirmation and did get to see a baby and heartbeat, but my fiancé wasn’t there and I am paranoid until I get to the second trimester. 
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  • I hear you about the paranoia! I caved and went and got one this morning and it was so worth it my husband and I were both in tears. We could see baby moving and you could see the cardiac motion too! It was private so they only did abdominal so we didn’t hear the heartbeat but I feel so much better. I vote you get one! Keep us posted :)
  • I snagged the last appointment that same morning I commented! I can be spontaneous to the point I don’t even know what I’ll do next. Everything looked good, my fiancé was at work, but he’s happy if I’m happy! 
  • I am paying for a private ultrasound at 4d place, I’m scheduled for September 17th. They have a quick 5 minute heartbeat package for $50. I’ll be 10 weeks 1 day. I am a new patient at my OB so I can’t be seen until beginning of October due to lack of new patient appointments.
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