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Hiccups- how often do you get them?

How often are you experiencing hiccups?


  • I'm not sure how to tell if it's happening 
  • I'm at 31weeks and mine is hiccuping a few times a week that I've noticed since around 25 weeks. Usually just a little rhythmic thump that isn't really noticible unless I'm still. Lasts somewhere between 3-10 minutes. DW got to feel them recently as well since baby's back is positioned against the front of my uterus right now.
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  • My first hiccuped often. 
    This one seems to hiccup for a few minutes when I lay down to go to bed. 
  • All the time! She even had them while my
    midwife was using the Doppler today, made it hard to get an accurate heartbeat, lol
  • DS hiccuped all the time. I just noticed hiccups for the first time with this one this morning.
  • All of the time!  It's so crazy to me.  Sometimes it's intense enough you can see my tummy move rhythmically.  I have to say it's the easiest way for me to guess as to where he is.  He flip flops SO much, almost every week he's breech and then head down at the next.  The last swveral weeks, I can guess where the hiccups are is where his head is
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